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26 runaway

Aki: [/angie]
Aki: *dies* XDDD
Izzy: Auronnn
Izzy: I just beat Olympus Coliseum XD
Izzy: I was wayyyy overleveled XDDD
Leon: ....Ughhhh!!! *waves at Izzy and runs off again*
Aki: haha
Aki: whattt
Izzy: ...
Izzy: what was that.
Aki: oh
Aki: we're all in a state of chaos
Aki: sorta
Izzy: ...
Aki: We lost Sora again.
Izzy: ...what
Aki: he's lost?
Aki: in the world?
Aki: alone?
Aki: Unprepared?
Izzy: ....
Aki: Not strong?
Izzy: damn
Aki: uhm
Izzy: uhh
Aki: you know
Aki: lost
Izzy: well yeah
Izzy: he ran off?
Izzy: Anti-form?
Aki: He went missing when he was normal
Izzy: err.....
Riku + Kairi: *run off to look for him*
Izzy: Uh...
Izzy: guys?
Izzy: You don't even know which way he went...
Aki: D:
Izzy: well, love is unreasonable.
Aki: haha
Aki: ....
Cloud: ....isn't that "love is blind"?
Aki: I have an urge
Izzy: And since when were you an authority on the matter?
Aki: "People do crazy things when they're in love"
Izzy: XD
Aki: *shoots self*
Cloud: ......
Aki: bleh
Izzy: seriously, idea why?
Izzy: he ran off, that is
Aki: not really.
Izzy: I mean...even SORA would need a good reason...
Aki: I mean...Same thing happened last night, but he didn't leave the house.
Izzy: ...?
Aki: ...he went anti last night, went exploring and got stuck in the closet...
Izzy: .......
Aki: Angie and Riku had to get him out XD
Izzy: will I go to hell if I laugh?
Aki: well
Aki: I laughed
Aki: really hard
Aki: Angie had milk coming outta her nose
Izzy: pfft
Aki: Riku was horrified XDDD
Izzy: awwww
Aki: *sighs* Sora WAS practicing forms tho...without Goofy and/or Donald
Aki: But uh
Aki: Antiform last nightttt
Aki: was
Izzy: yeah...
Izzy: was?
Aki: actually
Aki: uh
Aki: hmm
Aki: well nothing bad happened
Aki: unless you count Sora purring and degrading himself in front Angie that way bad
Izzy: ......................
Izzy: oh, Sora....
Aki: Riku pett'd him XDDD
Izzy: *snerk* geez...
Izzy: he should learn to be like Fido
Izzy: nice Heartless
Izzy: we can house train him.
Aki: I don't think he could though, it's his darkne---
Aki: and he could sleep on Riku's bed
Aki: and
Aki: Kairi can sneak him table food
Izzy: XDD <333
Aki: haha
Aki: But yeah
Aki: Fido only has darkness
Aki: therefore he has different tones of it. The nice dark kind that makes hearltess seem like wimps
Aki: and the evil kind which he lacks
Izzy: pfft
Aki: but Sora's got light, therefore his darkness wouldn't be good
Aki: at all
Izzy: hah...point there
Aki: but he purrs
Aki: and it's cute
Izzy: >.>
Aki: and funny
Aki: and the whole closet thing was hilarious
Aki: because Angie drew it
Izzy: pfft
Aki: anywayyyy
Leon: *sighs* It's like raising ten 5 year olds...
Leon: DX *sits on the couch*
Cloud: ....any idea as to where he might have gone?
Leon: *shakes his head* He's not in the house...
Leon: that's for sure...
Leon: We checked the Bailey.
Leon: and the Market...
Cloud: ..........*thinking*
Cloud: Is it possible that he left the world?
Cloud: It just doesn't seem like Sora would do that without telling anyone...
Leon: well...if he were normal, yes, he could have left...
Leon: But we're thinking Antiform. But...he could be normal...
Cloud: ....
Leon: *frustrated*
Izzy: (....Riku wants to go back and look for him at home)
Izzy: (like...Destiny Islands)
Izzy: (but XD)
Izzy: (oh man, sorry)
Aki: (Haha. He could if he wants to)
Izzy: (he was ready to just leave and Kairi was like "Riku, we should go back and tell everyone or they'll think WE ran off too." XD)
Aki: (hahaha)
Kairi: Wait!
Kairi: Why didn't I think of that...*pulls out her cell phone*
Izzy: (.....unless Sora doesn't have his on him >.>)
Aki: (He usually does)
Kairi: *dials Sora's number*
Riku: ......
Izzy: (aww, Riku feels dumb for not thinking of it XD)
Aki: (hahaha awww)
Aki: (....Yes)
Kairi: ....hello?
Wakka: I said hello, you know?
Aki: (Sora, apparently is there)
Izzy: (haha)
Kairi: Wakka? Is that you? It's Kairi. Isn't this Sora's phone?
Wakka: Ya. He's...out some place, actually. He didn't say where. He came by here to visit.
Kairi: he came back? So he's okay...
Wakka: Haven't seen him since this morning.
Riku: ....*looks relieved*
Wakka: He gave me his phone, though. Obviously.
Kairi: Mm-hmm...well, did he say anything about what he was doing? See, he left suddenly, without telling anyone...
Wakka: That's not like him, huh?
Wakka: He came by to see his mom. He wouldn't say anything else. He seemed upset.
Kairi: Oh...
Wakka: But, I'd understand why. It's almost night here, though...
Wakka: I could call Tidus...
Kairi: That's okay, I think we might come by ourselves...
Kairi: But thank you.
Wakka: Ya. 'course.
Wakka: Oh!
Wakka: Of course, when I saw him, he blinded me with his silvery clothes. He seemed pale, though.
Wakka: Could have been the silver though.
Wakka: Ahh! I have to go. It's dinner!
Wakka: Bye Kai! *hangs up*
Kairi: Bye...*closes phone*
Kairi: ...Final Form?
Riku: What is it?
Aki: (It's probably Riku's fault that Final is silver *shot*)
Izzy: (ahahah)
Izzy: (but that's good)
Izzy: (because Final decreases anti points...)
Aki: (yeah, but he needed to manage to change into Final without anyone there.. XD)
Izzy: (oh yeah)
Aki: (Therefore he's bound to have a lot of Antipoints...)
Izzy: (wow...)
Izzy: (er..)
Izzy: (geez. the poor kid. XD)
Aki: Riku should
Aki: do something XD
Aki: Uh
Aki: oh yeah
Aki: uh
Izzy: haha, they're about to go...
Aki: He should take Sora to the doctor or something, considering Sora's mom's in the hospital. XD
Izzy: yeah
Aki: It'll be convenient
Izzy: that's what I thought XD
Aki: *Drops Riku and Kairi off at Destiny Islands*
Aki: *hops away*
Izzy: XDDD
Izzy: (but yeah)
Aki: (Mmm)
Izzy: (Cloud is being a--*clamps hand over mouth*)
Izzy: (...I need that money for lunch)
Aki: (*puts him on DI too*)
Izzy: (XD whut)
Aki: (*With Leon*)
Izzy: (hahahaha)
Aki: (*with Tifa and Rinoa*)
Izzy: (it's an expedition)
Aki: (XD)
Izzy: (Kadaj would tag along...)
Aki: (*SHOT*)
Izzy: (XD)
Aki: (Kadaj and Sephiroth too)
Izzy: (did we decide what was wrong with her?)
Aki: (Aerith and Zack...)
Aki: (no, I forget what's wrong with her)
Izzy: (...just everyone. Okay)
Izzy: (uhh. You never said)
Aki: (...Yuffie stays home to do chores XD)
Aki: (oh. well. )
Aki: (figure out some disease for her then XD)
Aki: (uuuhhhhhhh)
Izzy: (.........)
Izzy: (I don't even know what that is)
Izzy: ( person who watches House, you)
Aki: (oh. Uh. Heart break syndrome)
Aki: (well, I knew that illness before House)
Aki: (I diagnosed it before him!)
Aki: (>:|)
Izzy: (hahahaha)
Izzy: (uh, how about...Grave's disease?)
Aki: (?)
Aki: (*goes to look it up*)
Izzy: (though I guess that wouldn't keep you in the hospital for too long)
Izzy: (my dad has it)
Aki: (Okay, lemme go figure out what it is.)
Aki: what is it?)
Aki: (Or Sora could ask when he gets there XDD)
Izzy: (well)
Izzy: (ehh)
Izzy: (I gtg for dinner)
Izzy: *hugs* D:
Izzy: I'll try to think of something else in the meantime
Izzy: *runs off*
Aki: (k)
Aki: *hugged* Uhh
Aki: okay.
Aki: willlll you be back?
Izzy: should be
Aki: k
Izzy: if it's before 9
Aki: I'll play KH2 again
Izzy: haha
Aki: ookay
Izzy: byeeee
Aki: bbyeee
Izzy: Axel sends his love to Roxas XDDD
Aki: Roxas glares at him
Izzy: hahaha
Aki: Pfft
Aki: lol he blew a kiss and ran off
Izzy: pfft
Izzy: bye
Aki: bye

Aki: *beats Seph's ass in*
Izzy: as promised, I have returned
Izzy: :D
Aki: haha
Aki: :D
Izzy: don't let me distract you XD
Izzy: D:
Izzy: I DID
Izzy: noooo
Aki: .....
Izzy: sorry T_T
Aki: but I got distracted by a cheat I found...
Izzy: oh...
Aki: oh
Aki: no
Aki: I was starting over when you came on XDDD
Aki: I went at it 14 times since you left XDDD
Aki: I think I should give up
Izzy: psshhh aww....
Izzy: well
Aki: XDD
Izzy: level up more?
Izzy: oh man
Aki: ....I'm level 94
Izzy: I totally plowed through the low-level tournament...
Izzy: oh XD
Izzy: it was kind of sad
Aki: I beat him beforeeee
Izzy: Bond of Flames is my new favorite Keyblade...
Aki: why can't I nowwww
Aki: pssh of course
Aki: Sora's totally gay for Axel
Izzy: psssh
Izzy: no, it's Roxas in Sora XD
Aki: ....Roxas totally corrupted Sora.
Izzy: yeah really XD
Aki: XD
Aki: ...
Aki: OH
Izzy: don't type and play...
Aki: WTF
Izzy: just beat him, then talk.. XD
Aki: I canntnltlkeklr
Aki: ahhh
Aki: okay fine
Aki: *beats him up*
Aki: ;l;lkdf;lkjglkjsdlhkgslkhdfgkhlsadf
Aki: ;lsdkjf
Izzy: ...
Aki: DX
Aki: ew
Aki: 15 times
Aki: *shakes fist*
Aki: *turns off PS2*
Izzy: awww
Izzy: how many health bars did you get him down to?
Aki: ....last one
Aki: every
Aki: time
Izzy: awwww
Aki: but nooooo
Aki: everytime
Aki: I heal myself
Aki: at that wrong time
Aki: whatever
Izzy: ahaha
Leon: .........
Leon: Palm trees.
Sephiroth: ........little children...
Izzy: er.
Izzy: *runs into parenthesis*
Cloud: ...........
Aerith: It's so pretty! This is where you live, Kairi?
Kairi: *nods* Even though Radiant Garden is my real home, it still feels like home...
Aerith: So many different kinds of flowers....I've never seen them before! :D *runs too look at one of the paopu bushes*
Aki: ( on something, I'm sorry XDDD)
Aki: (I couldn't keep her away from it...)
Izzy: (XD s'okay)
Izzy: (it's Aerith <3)
Aki: (XDD)
Zack: *fanning himself a little* And you put up with the heat?
Kairi: You get used to it. ^^
Wakka: Sometimes it still gets unbearable, ya? *runs over*
Wakka: I couldn't find him.
Kairi: Oh... Well, thanks for looking.
Riku: *nods*
Wakka: *looks behind them* Strange buncha people, aren't they? *raises eyebrows*
Sephiroth: ...
Leon: *blinks*
Riku: Sora attracts strange people is all...
Kairi: Riku.
Izzy: (...yeah, he's still got his smart mouth. XD)
Aki: (XDDD)
Izzy: (I love how you never see this side of my Riku)
Izzy: (or hardly ever)
Izzy: (because he's always with Sora)
Izzy: (and he only acts like this to people other than Sora)
Izzy: (and when Sora IS around, he doesn't pay much attention to anyone else...XD)
Wakka: Ha. Well, you're the strangest of all, ya? *mocking grin*
Riku: ......hah.
Leon: *glances to Rinoa*
Sephiroth: off of me....
Sephiroth: ......*very still while a small child clings*
Izzy: (oh Sephiroth. XD)
Rinoa: *finding the whole thing rather amusing*
Aki: (haha)
Mayor: Kairi! *hugs her from behind* Welcome back!
Mayor: ....I've heard that Sora went missing.
Kairi: We're back! Yeah...
Aki: (He followed Wakka XDD)
Izzy: (haha)
Mayor: He stopped by. I offered him lunch, but he said he was busy.
Aki: (Pssh)
Izzy: (Tidus should be around somewhere...)
Izzy: (I don't know where, though XD)
Izzy: (I think he might be off...I don't know)
Izzy: (he's actually been around recently)
Izzy: (because I was thinking about the whole FFX thing)
Aki: (haha)
Izzy: (and he's started remembering things)
Aki: (yeah)
Izzy: (...)
Aki: (*throws Yuna at him*)
Izzy: (it's a bit awk--hahahaha)
Izzy: (yeah, he's been missing her)
Izzy: (even though he doesn't quite know why yet)
Aki: (I think she'd be a teenager on DI tho)
Izzy: (yeah...)
Aki: (I wanna design ittt)
Aki: (omg DX)
Izzy: (okay XD)
Izzy: (I did Tidus already, so..)
Izzy: (I mean, other than his school uniform XD)
Aki: (haha)
Mayor: He was headed to the hospital to see his mother.
Wakka: Ohhhhh boy did he shine, too.
Kairi: His mother?
Riku: ...did he seem all right?
Mayor: Well...He seemed shaky.
Mayor: Out of breath maybe?
Kairi: ...hmm... Let's just say...Sora's been through a lot lately.
Kairi: We're just a little worried, that's all. He wouldn't usually leave without telling anyone...
Riku: *looks impatient*
Mayor: I can take you there. As I'm sure you know, it's only a few blocks, anyway.
Kairi: *nods* Please...
Mayor: All right. *starts to walk off*
Sephiroth: *manages to convince the kid to go away*
Wakka: I'm worried too, ya. Can I come?
Tifa: .....*watched the whole thing with half worry and half amusement*
Kairi: Of course! Speaking of Tidus around?
Wakka: I believe so. I made him go check out the hospital.
Wakka: and the ice cream parlor.
Kairi: *nods* We'll probably run into him then.
Riku: Let's go.
Izzy: (Riku's anxious XD)
Aki: (awww)
Leon: *follows*
Sephiroth: *follows as well, at a rather quick pace*
Aki: ( escape the children XDD)
Izzy: (XDDD)
Izzy: ("shiiiinyyyy")
Aki: (at the hospital I guess?)
Rinoa + Tifa + Cloud + Zack + anyone I forgot: *follows*
Izzy: (yeah)
Sora: *nodding off a little, but every time his head falls forward he wakes up*
Aki: (Sora's with his mom, obviously XD)
Izzy: (yeah)
Izzy: (I'm Haruka, right...?)
Aki: (yuss)
Aki: (lol Japanese names on a tropical island XDDD)
Izzy: (hahahaha)
Sora: ....*glances at his mom, before lowering his chin to the edge of the bed*
Haruka: can go home and sleep if you're tired.
Sora: No. I'm fine. *grins* Do you need anything?
Aki: ( .....he's totally gonna pass out XDDD)
Izzy: (aww man)
Aki: (...or something...)
Haruka: Thank you, I'm's enough you came all this way to visit.
Sora: Heh. *sits back up in his chair, and pulls his legs up to his chest* It's no problem.
Haruka: The doctor said I should be good to go within the need to worry.
Sora: good. :D
Sora: You shouldn't stay here too long. It's kinda....dreary...
Wakka: He should be in here! *opens the door to the room*
Sora: *nods off but wakes up again* ....oh..
Sora: *glances at the door*
Wakka: I got your phone, Sora! *waves it around*
Wakka: You look tired, ya...
Sora: I'm fine.
Haruka: Wakka's right, Sora, you should rest... I'll be fine.
Sora: I'm okay, really.
Aki: (He's like, 'I've been gone for far too long.')
Kairi: *hands on hips* you always say that, you know.
Riku: ....
Sora: Yeah...well..*grins a little* Really though..
Kairi: I mean, you could have said something...
Kairi: Everyone was worried. We looked everywhere for you.
Sora: I'm sorry...I wasn't thinking.
Kairi: It's okay now. *hugs him* How are you feeling? *to Haruka*
Sora: *is hugged*
Haruka: I think I'll be fine now...thank you.
Wakka: ...You're shaking.
Sora: I'm finnnneeee. Honestttttttt. *pout*
Wakka: *sighs*
Riku: ....Sora...don't push it. All right?
Sora: ....fine.
Kairi: Nobody wants you to overdo it, that's all. I know you're worried about your mom, but you have to take care of yourself too, all right?
Sora: ...okay.
everyone else: *standing awkwardly outside the door*
Sora: ...O-oh! Hey mom, these are my friends! :D
Sora: Cloud, Leon, Rinoa, Aerith, Zack, Kadaj, Reno, Yazoo, Sephiroth, and Tifa *and if I forgot anyone, add them*
Aki: (Of course...Tifa's last XD)
Izzy: (XD)
Izzy: (oh, Sora...)
Haruka: You've looked after him, haven't you? Thank you...*smiles tiredly* He's told me all about you.
Leon: Oh? Well, he's a wonderful kid, despite being a handful. *ruffles Sora's hair*
Sora: *grins a little and is ruffled*
Zack: hey, you got to it before me.
Leon: Ohh. Well, it's your turn next time.
Sora: ....*gets up and heads to the door* 'm gonna get some water~ See you later, mom. <3333333
Aki: (Totally...forcing himself. XDDD)
Haruka: *smiles and waves*
Izzy: (awww)
Sora: ....*trips trying to get outside the room cuz everyone's there XD*
Riku: *grabs his arm to steady him*
Sora: Thanks <3 Sorry, I forgot to leave a note. :\
Riku: Yeah, really... Why'd you give your phone to Wakka?
Sora: I...
Wakka: Is something going on that I should know about?
Kairi: *glances at Sora*
Wakka: Why did you give it to me?
Sora: ...I... You remember those shadowy things? At all?
Wakka: Vaguely... Not...really. Actually...
Sora: Oh...well then...Never mind.
Riku: *sighs* What does that have to do with your phone?
Kairi: Riku, calm down...
Sora: No...I just didn't want you to come find me know...
Kairi: ........
Riku: ................
Sora: When I was like that...Sorry. It was a mistake...
Kairi: It's're under a lot of stress. *hugs him again*
Riku: .....
Riku: It's...not okay. We have to do something about this...
Sora: *looks down at that* That's...Why I came here to Drive...
Sora: It's a little easier to do it here alone...rather than Radiant Garden...
Sora: It's closer to Disney Castle...that is...
Kairi: Ah...
Sora: Sorry...
Kairi: ....*shakes her head*
Riku: *glances away*
Sora: *frowns and looks down*
Wakka: I'm...gonna go home, ya..
Sora: Bye...
Wakka: *nods and heads off*
Kairi: Thanks for helping...
Wakka: Yeah.
Sora: .... *glares at the ground* ... *runs off down the hall and disappears around a corner*
Kairi: Sora--
Riku: ...... *starts after him*
Aki: (....His thoughts hurt me DX)
Izzy: (aww man)
Aki: (He really is childish, mentally-- his reasoning.)
Aki: (Because it's like...)
Izzy: (aww geez)
Aki: ("I made Riku mad. He's mad at me.")
Aki: (Smack. Him. )
Aki: (Riku.)
Sora: ....
Izzy: (and now he's upset FOR Sora, not at him)
Riku: Wait, dammit!
Aki: (Sora doesn't understand that DX)
Izzy: (yeah. I figured...)
Aki: (I'm trying to tell him but he's too riled uppppp)
Sora: ....*stops before he runs into the wall*
Aki: (that would hurt..)
Riku: *grabs his shoulder* Slow down! What're you running from.
Sora: ....I...I don't know...
Riku: ...*sighs*
Riku: *hugs him*
Izzy: (thank you for not hurting my brain like Cloud does, Riku.)
Aki: (Yes, really.)
Sora: ....*just stands there quietly, trying to not cry*
Aki: (when was the last time?)
Izzy: (errrr)
Izzy: (I dunno)
Aki: (I think when he kissed Riku XDDDDD)
Izzy: (yeah XD)
Aki: (I forget over what tho)
Izzy: (Cloud is...pretty bad. "But what if he doesn't want me to"...)
Izzy: (it makes me want to pull out my hairrr.)
Aki: (whattt)
Izzy: (uhh)
Izzy: (hugging Leon? XD)
Aki: (Cloud....You don't know what he'd give up just to make you hug him XDDDD)
Izzy: (it's funny to some extent but at some point it's just like "OH GOD GET OVER ITTT")
Aki: (hahaha)
Izzy: (he frigging...)
Aki: (....okay, Sora has a cute face on XDDD)
Izzy: (awww)
Aki: (It's a mix between trying not to cry and pouting)
Riku: Your mom is gonna be okay, all right?
Sora: It's not just that... *mutters*
Riku: ......
Riku: Did it work?
Sora: Did what..?
Riku: coming here to Drive...
Sora: ...after a few tries, yeah....I just wasn't feeling so great...cuz Antiform happened a few times.
Sora: ...just once is enough to make me sick...But, Final Form helped a bit.
Riku: ...
Riku: Look, I...I know there are some things you have to do on your own, but...
Riku: I hate not being able to help you.
Riku: It just...doesn't make sense. There should be something I can do...
Riku: I just don't know what.
Sora: ....your cooking.
Riku: isn't going to help with anti-form.
Izzy: (silly Riku. He doesn't get it. XD)
Aki: (ahaha)
Aki: (Well, it helps Sora get back the food he loses when Antiform happens D: )
Sora: ....uhh..
Riku: What?
Sora: calm me down long enough for Antiform to recede...
Sora: I duno...
Riku: .......
Sora: I mean...Kairi. I know she tries to help...when I'm a Heartless. And everyone else does too...
Sora: But...towards them...I hardly recognize them when I'm like that.
Sora: when it happens they're just another living being with a heart...
Sora: ....
Sora: ....Well. I happen to know your name when I'm like that.
Sora: I can sort of understand what you say. More than what the others say.
Sora: ....It's confusing. Sora: I can think coherently.
Aki: ([ANGIE])

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