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29 rikuriku

Aki: ....:o
Izzy: I have internet until 11 on Friday and Saturday nowwwww
Izzy: aww
Aki: WTF
Aki: :DDD
Aki: ....okay. He's sorta over it XDDD
Sora: *tackles Riku*
Izzy: poor kid
Riku: *tackled*
Aki: (Riku: *sits in the corner of the parenthesis*)
Sora: :DDD
Izzy: (aww)
Aki: (Riku: what.)
Izzy: (don't emo too much)
Izzy: (look at Cloud)
Izzy: (kay?)
Aki: (Riku: ....I don't emo.)
Aki: (cranky today...)
Sora: *pulls on the sides of Riku's mouth*
Riku: *tries to say something and fails at being coherent*
Sora: *grins and lets go*
Riku: ....ow. I don't think people's faces were actually made to do that.
Sora: *grins more* ahhh well.
Riku: But I'll do this if it means you'll stop. *grins back*
Izzy: (....ahh. Look what you've done, Sora. XD)
Sora: *Grins wider and laughs* I win!
Izzy: (Riku's slowly getting back to his old self again...)
Izzy: (like, before-darkness self)
Aki: (yeah that's good)
Izzy: (He was a while ago, but then he stopped and emoed because of the REPRESSION)
Aki: (Mine's till sotra weighed down...though he's his old self when he's challenged by someone)
Izzy: (and now he's happy again)
Izzy: (aww)
Aki: (Riku: Stop talking about me.)
Izzy: (mostly because Xehanort kind of leaves my Riku alone, tho...)
Izzy: (it's like he's barely there)
Izzy: (...)
Aki: (My Riku and Xehanort get long...)
Aki: (They babysit eachother...).
Izzy: (pfft)
Aki: (Xehanort is like part of his conscience. "No Riku, that's foolish, don't do that. It has bad consequences")
Aki: (uh yeah. )
Izzy: (wow XD)
Aki: (Xehanort I think is doomed to turning gooder and gooder day by day xDDDDDDD)
Aki: (I feel bad for his evilness)
Izzy: (aww)
Aki: (not really. )
Izzy: (it's Sora)
Izzy: (it's allll Sora)
Aki: (It is)
Izzy: (and his blinding goodness XD)
Aki: (hahaha)
Izzy: (whenever my Riku's Xehanort actually does say something, tho)
Izzy: (it's kinda funny)
Izzy: (because Riku's smart enough that he always does the opposite XD)
Izzy: (or maybe just stubborn)
Aki: (awww haha)
Aki: (My Xehanort is Scrooge...pretty much.)
Izzy: (hahahahahha)
Aki: (Riku:'s true. )
Aki: (Riku: *sighs*)
Aki: (You haven't talked much.)
Aki: (Does that glowy blue marking on your face still bother you? )
Aki: (Riku: ....That's all Holy's fault. )
Aki: (well, go spend some time with Riku and Sora. *pushes him out*)
Aki: Riku: ...
Riku: ..........
Aki: Riku: ...................
Izzy: (ow my brain XD)
Izzy: (this should be interesting)
Aki: (awww)
Aki: (yeah, cuz my Riku isn't Angie's Riku XDDDD)
Aki: (and has no interest in my Sora.)
Aki: (They're only friends)
Izzy: (yeah, I figured)
Izzy: (but my Riku doesn't know that XD)
Izzy: (he probably thinks it IS Angie's...he doesn't know there's a third....XD)
Izzy: (poor kid)
Aki: Riku: ....Do I seem like a rapist to you?
Riku: .....what?
Aki: Riku: there are millions of Riku's around the world, you know. You didn't expect Aki to not have a Riku too, did you? *mutters*
Aki: Riku: She just pushed me out here, and I can leave so--- *Aki keeps him out of the Parenthesis*
Riku: .....
Aki: Riku: Nevermind...
Riku: That's...
Aki: ( my Riku's extremely uncomfortable. It's funny. Pff.)
Izzy: (I think they both are XD)
Sora: .....Uhhhhh. He's nothing like Angie's Riku.
Sora: ...he has his own Sora to worry about.
Riku: Okay...
Sora: Who's even more messed up than meeee. :o
Riku: ...don't say that.
Sora: Mnehhh *shrugs*
Aki: Riku: .... *goes off to a corner*
Izzy: byeeee <3333
Aki: byeee
Izzy: chin up, Riku
Aki: Riku: ...
Izzy: (aww)
Riku: .........
Izzy: yeah, whatever
Aki: Riku: ................*throws something at Aki*
Aki: (...*KER-SMACKED* )
Izzy: (your Riku is like my Cloud? XD)
Aki: (I guess my Riku is like your Cloud)
Aki: Riku: ......
Izzy: (in that he throws things)
Aki: (and his attitude towards me...)
Aki: (sorta, he's getting better...he's beginning to understand that I control his fate)
Aki: g'nighhtttt i thinkkkkkkk
Izzy: (One of the most popular fandoms was called “Kingdom Hearts”. It was all about a videogame starring a doofy kid in giant shoes who ran around with cartoon characters getting smacked in the face with things like DOORS and DARKNESS and LIGHT. All of the Kingdom Hearts stories came together and became Fandom Hearts, which took its place alongside the original story—known as the “Canon Universe”. The two universes coexisted peacefully, and it was good.)
Izzy: (haha poor Riku)
Izzy: (well, the internet is supposed to turn off)
Izzy: (I dunno)
Aki: if it doesn't
Aki: we can be awesome
Izzy: (Cloud and i have reconciled...somewhat)
Aki: while you colour
Izzy: haha
Aki: Riku: *getting ignored by his Sora*
Sora: *braids your Riku's hair*
Izzy: (aww)
Riku: ....
Sora: You two could play twin jokes together!
Riku: ....uhh.
Aki: Riku: ....
Sora: Stop sulkingggg and come over herreeeee. And if that blue mark on your face is annoying, then wash it off or something.
Aki: Riku: ....Well I could, but then I'd die.
Sora: Oops...
Riku: ....
Aki: Riku: ......
Sora: *finds this amusing*
Riku: This isn't like...with the Replica at all...I don't understand it....
Aki: Riku: *shrugs* I'm not trying to take your place, that's probably it.
Aki: Riku: that, and I'm not a fake.
Riku: I didn't say that.
Aki: Riku: Just offering ideas.
Riku: It's just...surreal.
Aki: Riku: I suppose... Although most things to me seem surreal...
Aki: Riku: Coming back from less than believable journeys, to have to confront a purified part of your boyfriend that kills half of you...*rambles a little*
Aki: Riku: *gets stuck thinking about something*
Riku: ....
Sora: ....You slept for days.
Aki: Riku: Yeah..*shrugs*
Aki: (...not that he doesn't all ready *dies*)
Aki: (126 hours a week, just about)
Izzy: (geez)
Aki: (yeah. His friends are hardly ever around)
Aki: (So he has a room full of stuff to do or use, but he chooses to sleep 126 hours instead)
Aki: Riku: Sorry for just barging in like I did..
Riku: ...*shrugs*
Aki: Riku: *sighs*
Sora: Aerith's birthday is coming up soon, Riku! We should make her a cake! :D
Aki: (your Riku XDDD)
Riku: I'm going to have to start making a lot of cakes soon, anyway...
Riku: your birthday's next month, right?
Sora: uh, yep!
Riku: I'll ask Kairi about the sign tomorrow, I guess...
Sora: Okay!
Riku: If you want to use your design, she and Naminé can paint it for us...
Sora: That'd be nice :DDD
Aki: Riku: .....
Aki: ( he's worrying about his Sora's birthday. Damnitttt)
Izzy: (awww)
Aki: (He's like, "He'd say that I'm all he needs or wants for his birthday, but that can't really be true, besides...I want to get him something, but I don't know what...")
Aki: (And all that jazz)
Izzy: (aww)
Izzy: (ask my Riku XD)
Aki: (haha true.)
Aki: (But he's stuck in his mind right now)
Izzy: (aww)
Aki: Riku: ....
Aki: (He doesn't even usually talk. XDDD)
Aki: (I started drawing my Riku XDDD)
Aki: (sulking. pssh)
Aki: Riku: ....*throws something at Aki again*
Aki: (.....*ker-smacked again*)
Riku: ....
Riku: You all right? Well, obviously not...
Izzy: (concerned about himself. hahaha)
Riku: I'm fine.
Aki: (haha)
Aki: (right)
Aki: (to a certain extent they are the same XDDD)
Izzy: (haha)
Aki: (It's a pretty large extent)
Aki: Riku: .......
Riku: .....
Izzy: (this amuses me)
Aki: Riku: ....Mn.
Aki: (yes. XD)
Riku: ....Sora...don't you ever get confused?
Sora: *points to the shiny blue mark on Aki's Riku's cheek* Only you and Angie's Riku when I see you both when you're quiet.
Riku: What?
Sora: Uhh...I mix you and Angie's Riku up because you don't have anything on your face I can tell you apart by.
Riku: Ah...
Sora: Riku has a mark on his face *points*
Aki: Riku: ....
Riku: I see.
Aki: Riku: ....
Sora: I think his Sora burnt that onto his face...
Aki: Riku: ...I told him to, that's all.
Sora: :I
Riku: What?
Izzy: (poor confused Riku XD)
Riku: Your....oh.
Aki: (aww My Riku's gonna try to explain...probably)
Aki: Riku: Yeah..
Aki: (If you want him to XD)
Izzy: (I'm kinda curious, but...XD)
Izzy: (would you let me read your other RP sometime?)
Aki: (It's all over the place...I'd have to draw it..)
Aki: (I'll do that tonight)
Izzy: (oh, you don't have to...)
Aki: (I slept too much lately)
Aki: (I'm kinda really awake XD)
Izzy: (okay...XD)
Aki: (XD)
Aki: Riku: ....My Sora has a form the opposite of Antiform in addition to that...actually.
Aki: Riku: It's made of the purity and light of Holy...and it destroys any darkness it can find.
Riku: ...but that means--
Aki: Riku: I wouldn't leave when it took control of Sora...and half of me was killed...
Aki: Riku: It stopped just before Xehanort was completely destroyed...You see...we've sort of come to depend on each other and protect one's weird...
Aki: Riku: ...I could live my life half dead, but...
Aki: Riku: I'd be like I were in a vegetative state, I guess.
Aki: Riku: So Sora burnt part of his life into me, some of Holy's purity, I'd guess you'd call it.
Aki: Riku: *shrugs*
Riku: ......
Aki: Riku: ............forget I shared any of that.
Riku: No--but...Anti-form....what about...
Aki: Riku: what..?
Riku: I should be able to do something about it...but I can't.
Aki: Riku: I feel the same. It's just suffering every time.
Aki: Riku: I wish I could do something. I try, but nothing seems like it'll ever work.
Riku: ....
Aki: Riku: ....
Aki: Riku: Wish I could help you...
Riku: ....thanks...anyway.
Izzy: (awww, Riku had a heart-to-heart with...himself. XD)
Aki: (hehehe)

Aki: (*drops Riku out of the parenthesis*)
Aki: (I think he's finding a home in our RP XDDDDDD)
Izzy: (hahahaha)
Aki: (My Riku gets along with everyone but me. It's funny)
Aki: (even Angie's Riku)
Izzy: (hahahaha)
Aki: (....he doesn't like Angie tho...actually)
Izzy: (I doubt any of the characters really do...)
Izzy: (XD My Riku certainly doesn't)
Aki: (aww XD)
Izzy: (poor Angie)
Aki: (I like her)
Izzy: (And I never said I didn't XD)
Aki: (My word is lawww for my characters)
Aki: Riku: *lost*
Aki: (Pssh Holy Sora's nakkid)
Izzy: (yeah...really...)
Aki: (did you see Sora's drawing of Holy?)
Izzy: (
Izzy: (just his drawing of his friends)
Aki: (oh I mean)
Izzy: (woah...)
Aki: (Sora the girl XD)
Izzy: (yeah, I figured it out XDDD)
Aki: (that's holy)
Aki: (And it eats people's souls...sorta)
Aki: (Sora the girl is CRAZZIEIEEE)
Izzy: (it's...)
Aki: (well, how would you like to have that thing come at you?)
Izzy: (uhhh)
Izzy: (even if I WAS all's...yeah...)
Izzy: (o.o)
Aki: (yeah.)
Aki: (lol that face)
Izzy: (haha Sora the girl)
Izzy: (I should just start calling her "shoujo no Sora")
Aki: (yes)
Aki: (I'll just call her Bri, how about that..)
Izzy: (Bri?)
Aki: (Brianna. That's the name she uses in class)
Aki: (cuz no one takes her seriously if it's Sora XDDD)
Izzy: (awww)
Izzy: (but it's her name)
Aki: (I know)
Aki: (But they're like "LIKE THE VIDEO GAMEEEE?")
Aki: (so they ask her tons of stuff and I guess it's annoying)
Izzy: (ah)
Izzy: (aww)
Aki: Riku: *soooo lost*
Izzy: (it's a pretty name tho D: )
Izzy: (I liked it before KH)
Aki: (lol he's standing there like a retard..)
Aki: (yeah)
Izzy: (cuz like...Digimon...and kaleido Star...)
Aki: (yeah)
Izzy: (those are both girl Soras XD)
Izzy: (but then there's .hack Sora)
Izzy: (and...)
Izzy: (he's...scary.)
Aki: (elkshfkshdfsdfs the assassinnnn)
Aki: (I hated him...he's only 8 years old in the real world..)
Izzy: (I KNOW)
Aki: (and he's going after BT)
Aki: (and Subaruuuu)
Izzy: (he's a creepy stalker)
Aki: (eventually Tsukasa..)
Aki: (Cuz Tsukasa's a girl..)
Izzy: (bleh))
Izzy: (yeah)
Izzy: (he's gonna grow up to be a serial killer >.>)
Aki: (yeah..)
Aki: lisdflsdflijf RIKU SHUDDUP
Izzy: aww
Izzy: be nice!
Aki: stop being a veggieeeee
Aki: Riku: ......*losttttednateddd*
Riku:'re back?
Izzy: (they should be good friends. XD)
Aki: (*hops away*)
Aki: (yeah really)
Aki: Riku: ...........
Izzy: (since they're...the same person XD)
Izzy: (kinda)
Aki: Riku: I guess..
Aki: Fsdfskldfksdkjfslkdjflk
Izzy: D:?
Aki: Riku says he's hurt D:
Izzy: physically?
Aki: well, he doesn't care about being strangled
Aki: more like mentally scarred
Izzy: er
Izzy: by what now
Aki: sdflksdjflk what?
Izzy: I mean, is it anything new?
Aki: Riku: .......... *gloom hanging over his head*
Riku: don't look so good.
Aki: Riku: face hurts...*shrugs*
Riku: You don't...have anywhere to go?
Aki: Riku: ...not really. You know how life with mom and dad is...
Riku: ....*nods*
Aki: Riku: Sora's ...not really in a state to say or do anything. You saw that page.
Aki: Riku: .....I don't exactly feel like staying in the back of someone's mind, either.
Aki: Riku: ....IM GOING NOW
Izzy: ....KAY
Izzy: XD poor kid
Riku: ....
Aki: Riku: .....*hits Aki on the top of the head*
Aki: *ker-hitted*
Riku: ....well, you can come inside if you want. I'm sure Kairi won't mind...once it's explained...
Aki: Riku: Oh...Yeah. Sure.
Aki: *pushes him along with Izzy's Riku and signs off*
Aki logged out.

Aki: noooooo
Izzy : Sorry, I ran out for a bit!
Aki: hahaha
Aki: Izzzyyyyy
Izzy : Sorry, I ran out for a bit!
Aki: izzzyyyyyyyy
Aki: izzzzyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Aki: izzzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyzyzyyyyyy
Aki: izzzyzyyzyyyyy
Izzy : Sorry, I ran out for a bit!
Aki: *poutttt*
Aki: *sits*
Aki: are you going to YG???!????
Aki: *cry*
Aki: *whine*
Aki: *cry*
Aki: *panic*
Aki: *pout*
Aki: *flail*
Izzy: DX
Aki: Riku's being stupidddd
Izzy: we had to go pick my brother up
Izzy: what
Izzy: 10 mins
Izzy: ahhh
Aki: His Sora was trying to heal him, but he turned Holy.
Izzy: D:
Aki: And Riku freaked out and pushed away from him and Sora took it wrong and left blaming himself for changing Riku
Aki: and Now Riku's considering letting Xehanort take over because he's physically too weak to go after Sora
Izzy: .....
Aki: D: *drops Riku on your Riku and Sora*
Riku: ....
Aki: Riku: .....
Sora: D:
Izzy: DDDD:
Izzy: GTG
Aki: Riku: ..........
Izzy: lameee
Izzy: *hugs*
Aki: okay byeee
Aki: <333
Izzy: cheer up Riku ;_;
Aki: Riku: ......
Aki: Riku: I'll try.
Aki: Riku: G'night.
Izzy: kay, you too

Sora: ....
Izzy: ...
Sora: ....Get a room. *walks off*
Izzy: yeah, it's awkward.
Aki: ....
Izzy: XD
Aki: This kidddd
Izzy: he's not happy, is he
Aki: no
Aki: he's laughing XD
Izzy: hahahaha
Aki: *shoves Riku after Sora*
Aki: (Not mine, mine's asleep XD)
Izzy: (XD)
Riku: ...
Aki: (Actually...I can't tell if he's happy or not...he's getting better at lying.)
Aki: (DX)
Kairi: Yes?
Izzy: (ahhh teenagers XD)
Sora: *hugs her* Hiya~
Aki: (....No hug for Riku? D:)
Izzy: (pfft)
Kairi: ^^ *hugs back*
Aki: (....maybe he's hungry, that's probably why)
Sora: :D
Aki: (Sora lost his job D: )
Izzy: (awww)
Aki: (Cuz the person who owns the place where he works is she couldn't tell who he was. I guess they're all like 'AHHH KEYBLADE MASTERS AND THE PRINCESS AHHHH')
Aki: (Sora sulked about it)
Aki: (because the Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden in my head is like that)
Izzy: (wait, he lost his job because he's the Keyblade bearer? XD)
Aki: (Kinda.)
Aki: (It's like Kairi XD)
Aki: ("They're important! I can't have him pull a muscle!" is What the owner said)
Izzy: (awwww)
Aki: (It was kinda funny)
Aki: (Sora's a klutz sometimes...pff)
Izzy: (<3 but we love him)
Aki: (of course <3)
Izzy: (Riku and Kairi do too XD)
Aki: (I was gonna say that, but I figured that you'd type it so I didn't bother)
Izzy: (hahahaha)
Izzy: (make Clouddd stoppp---wait)
Izzy: (he's not actually emoing for once)
Izzy: (wow.)
Aki: (oh good)
Izzy: (he misses everyone tho >.>)
Izzy: (especially Leon and Fenrir)
Sora: You know the lady I worked for? At the library? *glances at Kairi*
Aki: (aww)
Aki: (Fenrir: *hops into him*)
Kairi: *nods*
Aki: (Fenrir: *climbs up his pants to his chest* warrrrrkkkk~ <33333)
Izzy: (Cloud: ....)
Sora: ....Well, even though she was blind, she finally figured out who I was..
Izzy: (Cloud: *pets her*)
Sora: And, well, I don't have my job anymore.
Aki: (Fenrir: warrrkkkk <3333333)
Kairi: ...oh... That doesn't make any sense! Why not? You can still work, you're fine...
Sora: It's because I'm me. The Keyblade and everything.
Sora: ....She said something ridiculous about me pulling a muscle or breaking my arm or running into something and getting hit in the head...
Kairi: ....
Sora: ....
Kairi: Well...
Sora: Somehow I doubt they'd let you work, too. And Riku. Roxas still has his job, but it's easy to figure out why...
Kairi: ....well...Riku said he would need help with the bakery...
Sora: Oh, that's good.
Aki: (Oh right)
Aki: (don't you dare leave during the con )
Aki: (I'll hunt you down and use the tackle of doom)
Izzy: (D:?)
Izzy: (but my class)
Aki: (....besides that)
Izzy: (oh)
Izzy: (I won'tttt)
Aki: (:D )
Aki: (I'd probably try going with you to your class anyway )
Aki: (sneak in.)
Aki: (introduce myself as your seeing eye dog)
Aki: (It's all good, s'all good)
Izzy: (
Izzy: (you'll have to be Anti-form tho XD)
Aki: (AHHH)
Aki: (NOOOO)
Izzy: (because it would be more convincing)
Aki: (BADDD)
Izzy: ( was a JOKE)
Aki: (*CRIES*)
Aki: (It was SUCH A BAD DREAM)
Izzy: (....)
Aki: (*hides in a corner*)
Izzy: (what)
Izzy: (you had a dream about being anti?)
Aki: (I had a dream, wh--yeah)
Aki: (well, I was Sora of course)
Aki: (and you were Riku, and Heather was Kairi and for some reason Sora was Allen)
Aki: (and Anti happened...and it was scary)
Izzy: (....)
Aki: (....I think I was either emoing before that or watched something scary)
Aki: (prolly both)
Izzy: (eep)
Aki: (But do you know how DISTURBING it is when you're trapped in your own body, but it feels like someone else is controlling you, and you have no choice but to do as it says, and this voice/urge in the back of your minds keeps making you want to kill your friends?)
Aki: (I'd have rather died.)
Aki: (quite honestly)
Izzy: (....I do know what it's like not to be able to control myself)
Izzy: (but not the killing friends part)
Aki: (of course not. because friends don't want to kill each other)
Izzy: (...*nods*)
Izzy: (sorry I brought it up)
Aki: (It's not as upsetting as I made it seem XDD)
Aki: (but it's still pretty upsetting. The concept that is)
Sora: But in the meantime I'm going to have to have a job..
Kairi: Hmm...
Kairi: Maybe you could ask Leon?
Kairi: He won't go easy on you.
Sora: wouldn't have it any other way~
Sora: I'll ask him later though.
Kairi: Mm-hmm. You hungry?
Kairi: I was going to start on dinner, since Riku's busy.
Sora: Yeah~ I'm starving.
Aki: (Oh Xehanort <3)
Izzy: (yes XD)
Aki: (oh Norty <3)
Izzy: (...Norty.)
Izzy: (that is the best)
Aki: (thanks. It's my pet name for him XD)
Izzy: (I'm gonna start calling my Riku's Xehanort that)
Izzy: (it will annoy him XD)
Aki: (My RIKU calls my Xehanort that)
Aki: (Norty got over it after a while XD)
Izzy: (win)
Aki: (even Norty got new clothes, it makes me laugh)
Izzy: (hahahaha)
Aki: (Riku insisted XD)
Izzy: (<3)
Aki: (XD)
Aki: Riku: *falls off his bed* .....
Aki: (....stupid Holy...Sora...thing)
Izzy: (awww...poor kiddd)
Aki: (He doesn't deserve any of itttt)
Aki: (....)
Aki: (Donald’s voice actor)
Izzy: (what?)
Aki: (has "Ansem" in his last name)
Izzy: (o.o)
Aki: (only there's an l between the e and m...but still)
Izzy: (XD)
Aki: (Of course I'd see it XD)
Izzy: (<3)
Aki: (Tony Anselmo)
Izzy: (XD)
Aki: (Oh Donald...I knew you were evil)
Izzy: (hahahaha)
Aki: (Xehanort: Would you please cease with that nonsense?)
Aki: (no >:\)
Izzy: (but it's fun.)
Aki: (Go look after Riku or something...)
Aki: (Xehanort: He can care for himself.)
Aki: (You know you want to go make sure he's okayyyy. )
Aki: (*shamelessly slashing* *shot*)
Aki: (Xehanort: *upset expression*)
Aki: (Xehanort: *leaves*)
Aki: (good.)
Izzy: (...XD)
Aki: (I've sorta met Norty)
Izzy: (XD <3)
Izzy: (*waves after him*)
Aki: (Xehanort: I will not be ridiculous like Sephiroth. *leaves*)
Aki: (Sephiroth: ...That wounded me very deeply.)
Izzy: (this is awkward.)
Aki: (Xehanort left because he knew I'd slash him, Riku and Sephiroth together eventually for kicks)
Aki: (Norty hates slash)
Izzy: (XD)
Izzy: (he would)
Aki: (XDD yeah)

(18:07:03) Izzy: ( this show)
(18:07:10) Aki: (haha )
(18:07:15) Izzy: (sorry)
(18:07:37) Izzy: (I missed like ....5 episodes of Busou Renkin)
(18:07:48) Izzy: (and now I'm catching uo)
(18:07:50) Izzy: *up
(18:07:51) Aki: (no that's okay XD)
(18:08:29) Izzy: (I can RP if you want)
(18:09:19) Aki: (No. If you're busy, you can watch your thing if you want XDDD)
(18:09:26) Aki: (I don't mind)
(18:09:36) Izzy: (I'm not busy, just being entertained)
(18:09:47) Izzy: (I just don't know what to do next)
(18:10:02) Izzy: (if you have something specific you want to RP, we can)
(18:11:00) Aki: (Well, I dunno. I was thinking about some worlds and plots and stuff)
(18:11:27) Aki: (like disney worlds that haven't been used yet. I duno. It's retarded.)
(18:11:40) Izzy: (it's fine XD)
(18:11:52) Aki: (*shrugs*)
(18:12:52) Izzy: (I love Angel Gozen <3333)
(18:13:05) Izzy: (he's like...the best character everrr)
(18:13:26) Aki: (from? XD)
(18:13:30) Aki: (oh)
(18:13:33) Izzy: (BR)
(18:13:34) Aki: (didn't read that)
(18:13:39) Aki: (oh yeah )
(18:13:46) Aki: (ah )
(18:13:52) Aki: (3 hours of sleep last night XDDD)
(18:14:01) Izzy: (he's ...thing)
(18:14:07) Izzy: (he makes me happy)
(18:14:16) Aki: (aww)
(18:15:54) Aki: (*falls over*)
(18:16:08) Izzy:
(18:16:16) Izzy: (that's what he looks like...XD)
(18:16:18) Izzy: (D:?)
(18:16:29) Aki: (nothing )
(18:16:31) Aki: (OMG)
(18:16:34) Aki: (cuteeee)
(18:16:55) Izzy: (I know...<333)
(18:16:59) Izzy: (the best part?)
(18:17:02) Aki: (It looks like Cecile)
(18:17:16) Izzy: (he has this squeaky litte voice, but he uses "ore-sama" XD)
(18:17:18) Izzy: (ahahaha)
(18:17:22) Izzy: *little
(18:17:30) Aki: (awwww )
(18:17:47) Izzy:
(18:17:49) Izzy: (ommmggg)
(18:17:53) Izzy: (if you scroll down)
(18:18:02) Izzy: (that's like...the entire cast chibified)
(18:18:48) Aki: (awww)
(18:20:25) Izzy: (this show is going to have me crying when it ends, isn't it)
(18:20:37) Izzy: (hell, I cried reading the manga)
(18:20:50) Izzy: (and I barely knew what was going on...)
(18:20:57) Aki: (awwww)
(18:21:17) Izzy: (I MUST MAKE YOU WATCH AHH)
(18:21:21) Izzy: (sorry >.<)
(18:21:31) Aki: (haha)
(18:21:46) Aki: (I duno, I read some of it)
(18:22:17) Izzy: (I love itttt)
(18:22:24) Izzy: (it's a little slow to start off)
(18:22:37) Izzy: (but it gets amazing)
(18:22:44) Aki: (haha I bet)
(18:23:16) Aki: (I mean...we liked most of the same animes..)
(18:23:23) Izzy: (yeah)
(18:23:44) Izzy: (I hope the DVDs come out soon tho)
(18:23:58) Izzy: (You Tube isn't quite the best experience)
(18:24:32) Aki: (yeah..)
(18:27:20) Aki: (AHHHH EW EWWWWW)
(18:27:27) Aki: (*headdesk*)
(18:27:31) Izzy: (DDDD:)
(18:27:34) Izzy: (whattt(
(18:27:58) Aki: (Everywhere I look or listen there's always something about Rebekah moving)
(18:28:00) Aki: (I swear)
(18:28:08) Izzy: (ehhhh)
(18:28:12) Aki: (but the time she moves I'm just gonna be too numb to care)
(18:28:15) Aki: *by
(18:28:19) Izzy: (blahhh)
(18:28:27) Izzy: (that's...ew.)
(18:28:28) Aki: (because I'm worrying and crying and getting angry months beforehand)
(18:28:37) Aki: (and I'm just gonna be too tried to care)
(18:28:38) Izzy: (yeah...)
(18:28:42) Aki: *tired
(18:29:01) Izzy: (D: *hug)
(18:29:03) Izzy: **
(18:29:06) Aki: ("I don't know Ashhhh. I don't think I can go to the con. I'm going to be movinnngggg." )
(18:29:19) Aki: (And I wouldn't have asked about it anyway)
(18:29:29) Izzy: (geez)
(18:29:40) Aki: (she doesn't bother Cecile with it either)
(18:29:46) Aki: (I wonder if I did something wrong)
(18:29:50) Aki: (and if it's payback)
(18:29:52) Izzy: (she's still gonna be here)
(18:29:54) Izzy: (what)
(18:29:56) Aki: (because she's getting me good)
(18:30:00) Izzy: (that's stupid)
(18:30:15) Aki: (I don't knowwww)
(18:30:24) Aki: (I mean I COULD have done something wrong..)
(18:30:27) Izzy: (I don't think she
(18:30:31) Izzy: 'd do that...)
(18:30:44) Izzy: (but you know better than me, I guess...)
(18:31:01) Aki: (I really don't know.)
(18:31:55) Aki: (But every three sentances there's something about California or moving, or no con, or I can't hang out I'm packing, you can come visit me on holidays, you can drive crosscountry for me, you can fly over to visit)
(18:32:03) Aki: (and it's just making me DEPRESSED)
(18:32:08) Izzy: (....yeah...)
(18:32:10) Aki: (and angry and frustrated)
(18:32:21) Aki: (I snapped at cecile about it too DX)
(18:32:24) Aki: (I feel bad..)
(18:32:27) Izzy: (for me, "come to college in California!")
(18:32:34) Izzy: (I was just like..."wtf")
(18:32:37) Aki: (I saw that ...)
(18:32:38) Izzy: (this is crazy)
(18:32:39) Aki: (comment..)
(18:32:46) Izzy: (it shouldn't have to happen)
(18:33:10) Aki: (sxdhfkjsdhfkjadf *hits head on wall*)
(18:33:15) Izzy: (D:)
(18:33:38) Aki: (I swear, if she died, I'd kill myself)
(18:33:42) Aki: (or something)
(18:33:59) Izzy: (DDDDD:)
(18:34:02) Izzy: (*hug*)
(18:34:12) Aki: (*hugged*)
(18:34:23) Aki: (sorry.)
(18:34:50) Izzy: (it's okay...)
(18:35:06) Izzy: (it's understandable)
(18:35:28) Aki: (I'm still being stupid about it.)
(18:36:06) Izzy: (..._
(18:36:08) Aki: (I need my bag of chocolate or something)
(18:36:10) Izzy: (*hugggg*)
(18:36:10) Aki: (brb)
(18:36:14) Izzy: (yeah..)
(18:36:28) Izzy: (I'm hungry....)
(18:36:30) Aki: (I need to buy more..)
(18:36:33) Aki: (okay brb too )
(18:36:53) Izzy: (kay)]
(18:38:03) Aki: (*sits*)
(18:38:14) Aki: (only 5 pieces left)
(18:38:27) Izzy: (hah...)
(18:39:04) Izzy: (WHAT? XD)
(18:39:29) Aki: (every year I get bags of chocolates, and there's one brand that puts happy sayings that make me laugh on the wrappers)
(18:39:38) Izzy: (wow)
(18:40:09) Aki: ("A smile is the perfect gift that is personal and encouraging")
(18:40:17) Izzy: (wow)
(18:40:24) Aki: (they're so funny <3)
(18:40:25) Izzy: (Cloud should losten to those)
(18:40:34) Izzy: *listen
(18:40:46) Aki: ("Add a little sweetness to your day.")
(18:41:00) Izzy: (pfft)
(18:41:23) Aki: (I have two more which I'll save for a little later XD)
(18:41:58) Aki: (Actually....screw that)
(18:42:08) Izzy: (haha_
(18:42:31) Aki: ("Togetherness in itself is a holiday treat.")
(18:42:37) Izzy: (
(18:42:46) Aki: (yeah...)
(18:43:07) Aki: (Sora knows this one)
(18:43:19) Aki: ("Holiday magic starts from within")
(18:43:39) Izzy: (wow)
(18:43:45) Izzy: (that's great)
(18:43:54) Aki: (.....I found an old wrapper from December..)
(18:44:04) Aki: (Hey Cloud, you should use this one)
(18:44:20) Aki: ("Your presence is the best present.")
(18:44:24) Aki: (*SHOT*)
(18:44:26) Izzy: (hahahahaha)
(18:44:47) Aki: (haha)
(18:44:57) Aki: (ah wow, these things cheer me up a lot)
(18:45:22) Izzy: sister needs the computer....
(18:45:36) Aki: (okaY)
(18:45:37) Aki: *okay
(18:45:46) Izzy: she's got a project -_-
(18:45:54) Izzy: so I don't know if I'll be on later
(18:46:00) Aki: (sure)
(18:46:28) Izzy: byyeee
(18:46:32) Aki: bye
(18:46:33) Izzy: ...
(18:46:35) Izzy: wait
(18:46:35) Aki: <3
(18:46:39) Aki: ?
(18:46:39) Izzy: uh
(18:46:40) Izzy: XD
(18:46:43) Aki: what
(18:46:44) Izzy: apparently
(18:46:54) Izzy: she doesn't need it just yet
(18:46:58) Izzy: >.>
(18:47:03) Aki: (oh okay )
(18:47:43) Aki: But I think the reason why this is getting out of hand and why I'm getting so upset so early
(18:47:44) Aki: is cuz
(18:47:53) Aki: three of my brothers were taken away
(18:48:15) Aki: and one of them was really close to me, and a bunch of other people left too
(18:48:19) Aki: like my other best friend Tyler
(18:48:23) Aki: and Rajj
(18:48:32) Aki: and stephanie
(18:48:42) Aki: and I made a mistake which made Sam's parents hate me
(18:48:47) Izzy: ...
(18:48:47) Aki: so I lost another friend that way
(18:49:09) Aki: So knowing ahead of time is worse.
(18:49:17) Izzy: Yeah...really.
(18:49:38) Aki: woowwww rant
(18:49:43) Izzy: no
(18:49:43) Aki: sorry bout that
(18:49:45) Izzy: it's fine
(18:49:55) Izzy: that's what I'm here for
(18:50:16) Aki: Yeah.
(18:50:35) Izzy: ehhh
(18:50:40) Izzy: eww.
(18:50:42) Aki: gtg?
(18:50:43) Izzy: This is just...
(18:50:44) Izzy: no
(18:50:56) Aki: what's ew? XD
(18:50:57) Izzy: this whole thing...
(18:51:00) Izzy: well
(18:51:14) Izzy: I...have a problem with keeping promises
(18:51:29) Aki: Oh
(18:51:31) Aki: well
(18:51:37) Aki: it's not like a promise is involved
(18:51:38) Izzy: I mean
(18:51:40) Izzy: no
(18:51:42) Izzy: I mean
(18:51:49) Izzy: to my parents, first
(18:51:57) Izzy: about stupid things like computer use
(18:52:08) Izzy: and then I forget things, or procrastinate
(18:52:11) Izzy: and I hate it
(18:52:14) Aki: awww
(18:52:22) Izzy: because I don't like letting people down, and...
(18:52:31) Izzy: ehh.
(18:52:33) Aki: :|
(18:52:35) Aki: well..
(18:52:40) Izzy: ...
(18:52:44) Aki: I guess gradually you can work at getting better
(18:52:51) Izzy: this is just...awkward, is all...
(18:52:53) Izzy: because
(18:52:57) Izzy: of course
(18:53:12) Izzy: the first thing I want to say when you talk about all your friends leaving is
(18:53:16) Izzy: "I won't leave."
(18:53:25) Izzy: And it's......
(18:53:52) Aki: Well, nothing's gonna last forever.
(18:54:00) Izzy: I know that
(18:54:04) Izzy: but still
(18:54:18) Izzy: I'm so unreasonable...
(18:54:37) Aki: Well, as long as you call or write once in a while..
(18:55:00) Aki: Though, like everyone else, that'll probably fall through too.
(18:55:07) Izzy: ...
(18:55:18) Aki: Sorry
(18:55:25) Izzy: no, it's okay...
(18:55:28) Izzy: I...guess...
(18:55:50) Izzy: I just....wish there was something I could do.
(18:56:31) Aki: Well, I dunno.
(18:56:43) Aki: It'll be fine, I suppose.
(18:56:51) Izzy: no...well.
(18:56:56) Izzy: I don't want to leave.
(18:57:06) Izzy: I mean...
(18:57:09) Izzy: college
(18:57:17) Izzy: I never wanted to leave
(18:57:23) Aki: yeah, well that's a year and a half away
(18:57:30) Aki: but I understand that.
(18:57:38) Izzy: That's why only picked schools close by
(18:57:50) Izzy: and don't think it's just you
(18:57:52) Izzy: I mean
(18:58:11) Izzy: it's not like you're stopping me from going to a college I want
(18:58:28) Aki: *shrugs*
(18:58:29) Izzy: There are a bunch of people I want to stay for...
(18:58:36) Aki: Like Becca and Chi
(18:58:39) Izzy: yeah
(18:58:40) Aki: :D
(18:59:07) Aki: Ew. Bad auto reflex of mine.
(18:59:12) Izzy: uhh
(18:59:24) Aki: I was gonna say Rebekah, but that's not true. Haha.
(18:59:31) Izzy: ..
(18:59:35) Izzy: yeah...
(19:00:00) Aki: I don't have an issue with her moving so much as with her...being like...
(19:00:24) Aki: "You can do this, and that, and you can fly down here on your holiday to visit me, and you'll have fun etc etc"
(19:00:32) Izzy: yeah...
(19:00:37) Aki: you you you
(19:00:42) Izzy: acting as if it's the same..
(19:00:55) Aki: Yeah.
(19:01:02) Aki: Well. It's coping. I get it.
(19:01:19) Aki: Cecile better not go back to New Jersey
(19:01:22) Aki: I'll shoot myself
(19:01:48) Aki: Cuz in all honesty, when you and Rebekah leave, she's the only one left
(19:01:58) Aki: Because I don't talk to people
(19:01:59) Izzy: but
(19:02:02) Aki: I can't make friends easily
(19:02:03) Izzy: well
(19:02:06) Izzy: yeah..
(19:02:12) Izzy: I don't want to leave...
(19:02:27) Aki: I know. But I'll be able to drive at some point
(19:02:28) Izzy: That's why I was happy MassArt was so close
(19:02:40) Izzy: because I like it
(19:02:44) Aki: and I was planning to go to Mass ART too
(19:02:55) Izzy: yeah
(19:02:58) Izzy: oh yeah
(19:03:01) Izzy: about Connecticon
(19:03:07) Aki: :O
(19:03:08) Izzy: I will be able to drive other people
(19:03:12) Izzy: because I'll be 18
(19:03:15) Aki: :DDDDD
(19:03:26) Izzy: and therefore have my license, not my junior operator
(19:03:31) Izzy: so I won't have restrictions
(19:03:33) Aki: Go northwest Izzy
(19:03:35) Izzy: hahaha
(19:03:42) Izzy: *goes southeast*
(19:03:46) Aki: hahaha
(19:03:49) Aki: dont give me any maps
(19:03:56) Izzy: And even if I don't go to MassArt
(19:04:06) Izzy: Wheaton's only an hour or so away
(19:04:11) Aki: zactly
(19:04:19) Aki: I'll jog there XD
(19:04:23) Izzy: so I'll probably be home most weekends--XD
(19:04:42) Izzy: What I really want to do is take at least half a year off, tho
(19:04:45) Izzy: to work on things
(19:04:47) Izzy: I dunno
(19:04:53) Aki: mm
(19:04:53) Izzy: but I don't want to live at home
(19:04:57) Izzy: but I can't get my own appt
(19:05:01) Aki: live with meeee
(19:05:08) Aki: we have 5 extra roomssss
(19:05:08) Izzy: because-hahahaha
(19:05:16) Aki: and we all love youuu
(19:05:23) Izzy: I dunno if that would work XD
(19:05:32) Izzy: unless I could rent
(19:05:38) Izzy: I'd feel guilty otherwise
(19:05:45) Aki: uhhhhhhh nononono
(19:05:53) Aki: just help a little round the house maybe
(19:05:55) Aki: and that's all
(19:05:59) Aki: pff
(19:06:02) Izzy: pssh
(19:06:07) Izzy: sure
(19:06:21) Aki: I'd do your work anyway, you know XD
(19:06:36) Izzy: I wouldn't make youuu
(19:06:42) Aki: I know
(19:06:43) Izzy: I'm not Zack D:
(19:06:48) Aki: I'd choose to
(19:06:55) Aki: *puppy eyes*
(19:07:11) Aki: my mommy would say yesssss
(19:07:26) Izzy: XD
(19:07:36) Aki: and my daddy only has one rule which is don't snore
(19:07:38) Izzy: how could I say no to that face?
(19:07:49) Aki: :DDDDD
(19:07:54) Aki: *poutttttt*
(19:08:00) Aki: you can liveeee hereeeeee
(19:08:17) Aki: you can even paint Cloud on the outside of our houseeee
(19:08:21) Aki: or Leon
(19:08:37) Aki: or yaoi....
(19:09:03) Izzy: ....
(19:09:05) Izzy: nno
(19:09:07) Izzy: that's okay
(19:09:08) Izzy: XD
(19:09:13) Aki: haha
(19:09:25) Aki: puhleeeeshhhh?
(19:09:30) Aki: *beeegggg*
(19:09:46) Izzy: If it's possible, I would say yes right away XD
(19:10:01) Aki: what's keeping it from being possible? XD
(19:10:18) Aki: the yaoi I'm gonna put on your bedroom wall?
(19:10:27) Izzy: OBVIOUSLY. GEEZ.
(19:10:33) Aki: XDDDDDD
(19:10:34) Izzy: I dunno
(19:10:51) Izzy: It just seems...too good
(19:11:35) Aki: well I just asked my mom XD
(19:11:37) Aki: she was like
(19:11:47) Aki: "as long as you can do your work..."
(19:11:51) Izzy: ....
(19:11:55) Izzy: pshhh hahaha
(19:12:02) Izzy: that's not happening. too bad. XD
(19:12:04) Izzy: j/k
(19:12:08) Aki: I woulddddd
(19:12:12) Aki: DDD:
(19:12:14) Izzy: I know you would
(19:12:21) Izzy: AHH DINNERRR
(19:12:23) Izzy: maybe
(19:12:28) Izzy: I will be on later
(19:12:30) Izzy: I dunno
(19:12:32) Aki: <33333333
(19:12:32) Izzy: BYE <####
(19:12:36) Izzy: ...Roy
(19:12:38) Aki: HAHA ROY
(19:12:42) Izzy: <33333
(19:12:46) Aki: byeee

(20:42:03) Izzy: ...okay that was creepy.
(20:42:04) Aki: erm
(20:42:05) Aki: Angie
(20:42:07) Aki: made
(20:42:12) Aki: Sora...really..upset...
(20:42:19) Izzy: er
(20:42:21) Izzy: no good there
(20:42:22) Aki: and...antiform bit her Riku...
(20:42:27) Izzy: >.>
(20:42:32) Izzy: great
(20:42:36) Aki: he didn't do anything to deserve it tho
(20:42:46) Izzy: yeah...
(20:42:55) Izzy: ...he should bite Angie
(20:42:58) Izzy: okay, that was mean
(20:43:04) Izzy: *hits self*
(20:43:13) Aki: aww
(20:43:17) Aki: my Riku's trying to help...
(20:43:19) Aki: but..
(20:43:41) Aki: Sora kinda...clawed at his face..
(20:43:44) Izzy: ehhh
(20:43:44) Aki: DX
(20:43:46) Izzy: uh
(20:43:50) Izzy: he's still anti?
(20:44:00) Aki: yeah..
(20:44:24) Aki: think yours could do anything?
(20:44:39) Izzy: he can try
(20:44:43) Aki: not that I find that a safe idea..
(20:45:03) Izzy: ...
(20:45:09) Izzy: no one's really safe anyway
(20:45:16) Aki: yeah..
(20:45:19) Aki: ehh
(20:45:25) Izzy: ahhh
(20:45:25) Aki: Riku's mark is bleeding.
(20:45:27) Izzy: HOUSE TIME
(20:45:31) Izzy: for all of them
(20:45:33) Izzy: dammit
(20:45:36) Aki: yeah..
(20:46:51) Izzy: well
(20:46:56) Izzy: on a happier note
(20:47:06) Izzy: I drew Tidus and fairy!Yuna again...
(20:47:10) Aki: :D
(20:47:11) Izzy: because...I'm a loser...
(20:47:15) Aki: pfft haha
(20:47:38) Izzy: I love how neither of us have really gotten anywhere in FFX
(20:47:44) Izzy: yet I still want to RP for it
(20:48:10) Aki: haha
(20:48:12) Aki: we'll get to it
(20:48:14) Aki: :D
(20:49:00) Izzy: I'm sooo bored
(20:49:04) Izzy: I want to draw something
(20:49:07) Izzy: but I don't know what
(20:49:11) Aki: hmm
(20:49:24) Izzy: and I don't want to draw what I'm supposed to be drawing >.>
(20:49:42) Aki: drawwww
(20:49:46) Aki: fido
(20:49:55) Aki: ohhh mannn
(20:50:08) Aki: Angie's Riku is getting an after effect from the bite DX
(20:50:19) Izzy: eww ahhh
(20:50:33) Aki: DDDX
(20:50:45) Aki: I'm... gonna chain Sora up.
(20:50:50) Izzy: D;
(20:51:04) Aki: D:
(20:51:12) Aki: I don't WANT to, you know..
Riku: don't have to.
Aki: ...okay fine. You do something.
Aki: *pops away*
Riku: ....
Aki: (*gives Riku antisora* ...)
Riku: ....sit.
Aki: (....*snickers*)
Sora: *paces around Riku* ...
Riku: *sighs*
Sora: *eventually slows down and sits in the corner*
Riku: Dammit...I forgot.
Izzy: (drive orbs XD)
Izzy: (wtfff XD)
Aki: (*DYING*)
Sora: ....*twitches* ..
Riku: ...
Aki: Angie: not like
Angie: weird heartless sex attracted
Angie: i dont think O_O")
Izzy: (wow)
Izzy: (oh, Angie)
Sora: ......*starts pacing around Riku again and stops at the corner again*