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Tales of the Abyss arc part 4

Asch: Do you want to die that badly?!
Luke: ...No! I’m the same as you. I don’t want to die! But I’m a replica! I’m weaker! [Mirrors starts playing] I couldn’t ever recieve the Jewel to free Lorelei. It needs you, not me. The one who dies here should be the one who’s unneeded...The replica...Me!
Asch: ...That’s enough! “Unneeded”?! I did not have everything stolen from me by someone “unneeded”! Don’t insult me!
Aki: "[Luke grabs onto Asch and the hild of the Sword of Lorelei, Asch tries to push him off.]
Asch: Let go of me!
Luke: No! I can’t let you die!

[The Sword of Lorelei glows, meaining it has reacted with the Jewel which was supposedly not found.]

Asch: What the...? The Sword’s reacting. Is the Jewel nearby?

Aki: "Luke heaves Asch up and kicks him a few feet away onto the ground. Asch gets up and charges at Luke, but Jade catches him from behind.]

Asch: Let go!
Jade: I agree with Luke. If we must choose one, it should be the original.

[Luke lifts the sword up to thrust it into the ground to unleash the horrible power. Tear is seen holding her head in fear before going back to Luke.]

Tear: Luke! Stop!
Luke: ...Everyone, give me your lives. I’m...I’m going with you!

Aki: "[Tear runs towards him.]

Luke: Stay back!

[Guy grabs onto Tear to hold he back as she reaches out for Luke. Luke thrusts the sword into the ground.]

Luke: Guy. Thanks...

Guy: ...You stupid bastard.

[The ground pulsates, the replicas glow and disappear.]

Luke: [Thoughts] I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die! I don’t want to die! I... I want to stay here! Not for anybody else... I want to live! But...!

Aki: "[Luke falls to his hands and knees and the jewel glows from within his chest.]

Luke: it’s not working...

[He starts to fade in and out.]

Jade: The Seventh Fonobs that had gathered are dissipating! The miasma won’t be neutralized!

Asch: The Jewel! The Jewel’s power to disperse if interfering! Damn it! That idiot just didn’t realize he had it!

[Asch runs over to Luke and kneels beside Luke.]

Asch: Could you possibly be any more of a nuisance?!

[They hold the sword together and they both start to glow.]

Luke: Asch?!
Asch: ... Don’t worry. I have no intention of dying with you. I’m just going to give your hyperresonance some power. You can disappear by yourself!
Aki: "Luke: ...Thanks...Asch...

[there’s a flash and all goes white and then black. There is an anime cutscene of the Tower of Rem gathering all the energy and the miasma is all sucked away and destroyed.]"
Aki: w/e XD)
Izzy: (ah)
Asch: *falls forward afterward*
Luke: *ditto*
Aki: (they are holding hands btw XD)
Izzy: (ahahah)
Aki: (omg that scene set the LukeAsch fans into hysterics XD)
Izzy: (ahahah)
Aki: (along with the one that looked like Asch kissed Luke XD)
Aki: (but that's not the point XD)
Izzy: (ahaha)
Izzy: (has it stopped being dangerous?)
Aki: (yeah)
Aki: (the tower of rem's gonna collapse tho XD)
Jade: The tower! It's going to collapse!
Izzy: (they've gotta carry them out, don't they?)
Aki: (nope. Albiores XD)
Izzy: (oh, right. But I mean, they've gotta get them to the ships first XD)
Tifa: *runs over to Asch, checking to see if he's all right*
Asch: *collapsed and blacked out?*
Jade: *picks up Luke*
Izzy: (yeah)
Tifa: *picks up Asch*
Izzy: (that should get some stares XD)
Jade: *makes an effort to make them detatched at the hands*
Guy: ...What...are you doing? *to Tifa*
Natalia: Are you trying to kidnap Asch? Are you from Malkuth?!
Tifa: What--I'm worried about him! He's my son!
Izzy: (it's completely instinctive)
Izzy: (XD)
Guy: ...*stares* He's Duchess Susanne fon Fabre's son, though.
Natalia: ..!
Aki: Ginji: Asch! *runs over, and stumbles a little*
Tifa: I-I...sorry. It's...a long story.
Aki: Ginji: *tries taking Asch* Lets get to the Albiore!
Aki: Noelle: Guys, hurry!
Tifa: I can carry him. Just lead.
Aki: Ginji: *nods a little before running*
Aki: ~INN in Belkend~
Luke: *at the doctor*
Guy: I highly doubt Asch will even consider being calm...if he wakes up in a hospital.
Guy: ...The tables and shots and all...
Tifa: ..
Guy: That....bastard.
Guy: *grumbles and goes to meet Luke*
Jade: Hmm.
Jade: *wanders over and turns Asch onto his side and parts his hair* Ah...I expected as much.
Tifa: ...?
Jade: Dist mentioned this...*begins to write the process down*
Cloud:'s still there.
Jade: ...of course. It's fonimin ink.
Tifa: knew about this? *to Cloud*
Cloud: ...he came to ask me what it said.
Jade: *finishes up, before checking Asch's vitals again*
Cloud: I had to translate it...that's how I know how to read his language.
Cloud: *hand tightens a little on her shoulder* It's...details. Of what they did to create his replica.
Tifa: ...
Jade: Not only is the process painful and disgusting...
Jade: But the first try is never successful
Jade: It took twenty one complete tries to create Luke.
Tifa: *leans over silently and takes Asch's hand*
Tifa: ...I promised.
Tifa: I promised I'd protect him, and...
Tifa: No wonder...he ran away when he saw us.
Jade: *frowns*
Jade: He thought you were a dream.
Jade: I was on his case only twice.
Jade: AFTER the replication was complete.
Jade: He'd go missing, and come back and collapse. He always told us...he fell asleep and went to the most wonderful place.
Tifa: ....
Jade: This young man has tried suicide countless times.
Jade: But he can't die.
Jade: He suffers from many inbred illnesses as well.
Tifa: He was always showing up sick or hurt, but he didn't want anyone to know..
Aki: (Jade read his medical files XD)
Jade: *nods* He's got thin blood, it takes him longer to recover from an attempt or a battle.
Jade: His eyesight isn't the best either.
Tifa:'s not right. He was only a child.
Tifa: You can go ahead and tell me it's none of my business, this isn't our world, but--
Tifa: ...
Izzy: (she's kind of angry)
Izzy: (not at Jade, but)
Jade: You raised him. You have as much right to him as Susanne.
Izzy: (just in general)
Aki: (yeah)
Tifa: I just did my best to...keep him safe, and happy.
Jade: *nods*
Tifa: he wanted to show us his home, but when we came here--
Tifa: There was....a shift.
Tifa: This place is...very far from our own world. It must be the difference between them...
Jade: Our year is 765 days...So...
Jade: time is a huge jump from your world and ours. On planet and getting here.
Tifa: It could be anything. Even our expert on how the worlds work together doesn't quite understand it.
Tifa: That, and there's been turbulence.
Tifa: Thirteen years ago, for us...
Tifa: Things were thrown out of place. They're still coming back together again.
Jade: I see...Yulia recorded these findings as well.
Tifa: In different worlds the disturbance is recorded at different times.
Tifa:'s possible.
Jade: Mhmm
Jade: Well...I myself wouldn't know much about Asch.
Jade: Dist and Regret would know more about him than I. They raised him in this world after all.
Jade: But I would suggest you talk to Asch and get him used to you once more, or he'll run again. He has a habit of doing that.
Tifa: *nods*
Tifa: Does he...prefer that name now?
Jade: Mind you...he's on neither side. And yes, I would assume so.
Jade: Natalia even tried calling him Luke, and he corrected her.
Tifa: I see.
Tifa: *looks up at Jade* Thank you for all your help.
Jade: *nods* It's no problem at all.
Izzy: (I love how Dissidia!Squall actually looks like the angsty teenager he is XD)
Izzy: (sorry, random XD)
Izzy: (XD)
Izzy: (and something that looks suspiciously similar to Cloud's skarpon)
Izzy: *skapron
Jade: ...Here. *hands Tifa a towel and a little tub and leaves*
Asch: *sits up, still somewhat asleep and coughs up blood*
Aki: (okay so cloud)
Aki: (stole vincents clothes and squall took Clouds clothes)
Tifa: Careful--*supports his back*
Izzy: (lolll)
Asch: Nn...*tries lying back down*
Aki: (oh yeah, after the ToR, Luke's fonons become unstable)
Aki: (and so does Asch.s They're both dying)
Izzy: (ah)
Aki: *Asch's
Tifa: *wipes his face, checking his forehead for a fever automatically*
Izzy: (mom mode. XD)
Aki: (AWWW)
Izzy: (Iove how she's only like 7 years older than him now XD)
Aki: (Basically XD)
Izzy: (but he's still her baby)
Izzy: (XD)
Aki: (I mean, Regret's only 9 years older, and she's like a mom to him XD)
Izzy: (ahah)
Cloud: *took Jade's chair once he left and finally sat down next to her*
Asch: ...keep tabs on Van-- *coughs again, turning to his side and coughs up more blood*
Aki: (omg this kid's life got 10x more shitty D: )
Izzy: (D:)
Tifa: Shh. Take it easy.
Aki: (He's still pretty much out but...)
Izzy: (yeah)
Asch: Nngh..*just curls up a little on his side*
Tifa: *rubs his back gently like she did when he was little*
Tifa: *whispering* is this how he normally gets sick, or an aftereffect of what just happened...?
Cloud: *shakes his head to say he doesn't know*
Aki: (but when a replica is made, they share teh same fonons so the fonons are attracted to one they switch between hosts until one of the hosts (replica or original) dies from lack of fonons. The period between fonon instability and death are 3-10 days. But Asch and Luke were fine for 10 years until they had a full scale hyperresonance together which caused their fonons to split and do all that)
Aki: *7 years
Aki: LOL )
Aki: (wow)
Izzy: (I'm still kind of amused by Natalia's reaction)
Asch: Mum...
Izzy: ("Are you kidnapping him!?")
Aki: (huh?)
Aki: (XDDD)
Aki: *"
Izzy: (yeah XD)
Asch: ...Gah! *sits straight up again*
Asch: *eyes wide* ....
Tifa: You've got, you're still sick...
Aki: (...bad dream maybe)
Izzy: (awww)
Asch: *glances her way, before laying back down and hitting his fists against his head* I'm asleep, I'm asleep...I need to wake up...!
Tifa: Stop it, you're awake--!
Tifa: *grabs his wrist*
Asch: *pauses, and curls up* You're a dream...
Tifa: ....*looks like she's about to cry*
Tifa: ....I'm so....sorry. L---....Asch.
Izzy: (this is making me tear up. *sniff*)
Izzy: (how am I going to cope with his death scene)
Asch: ...It's not your fault!
Aki: (aww)
Aki: (AWWW)
Aki: (did you see the actual scene?)
Izzy: (uh)
Izzy: (the anime cutscene)
Aki: (yeah)
Izzy: (And I think you showed me the fight beforehand)
Izzy: (but it was a while ago)
Aki: ah okay)
Izzy: (...I also drew the scene we RPed yesterday with Van)
Izzy: (just part of it)
Aki: scan? D: )
Izzy: (but I'm amused that Cloud always seems to be the one holding Asch and Tifa steps in front of them protectively)
Aki: (scan the lovelies? )
Izzy: (ahaha okay)
Asch: ...*pauses*
Asch: Luke...
Tifa: ...*uncertain, before realizing what he's talking about* He's...alive.
Tifa: But as far as I know, in the same condition you are...
Tifa: Just what were you trying to do?
Asch: ...Neutralize the miasma.
Asch: ....If I die, Luke will stablilize... but I mean the name Luke...
Tifa: ....
Tifa: *reaches out to push the hair back from his face* ....Luke.
Asch: ...*offers a very vague smile*
Izzy: (AWWW *hugs him*)
Aki: (aw)
Izzy: (Link:
Asch: Mn...
Izzy: (Link:
Aki: *clickkk*)
Izzy: (I failed at drawing Tifa that day
Izzy: (but oh well)
Aki: (that's fine XDDD i like it XD)
Izzy: (he is cute. XD I don't really need to try)
Aki: (*watches Asch die over and over XD*)
Izzy: (>:)
Izzy: (youtube link plz?)
Aki: (sorry, but it's so pretty D: )
Aki: (its on my tv)
Izzy: (I know)
Izzy: (>.>)
Izzy: (fineeee I'll go find it myself
Aki: (I'lle find ittt I have to go on youtube anyway)
Izzy: (OH)
Izzy: (dammit)
Izzy: (I should have asked you to give me Karma)
Aki: why am I signed in as you?)
Izzy: (uhh)
Izzy: (I dunno)
Aki: (ahaha)
Izzy: (I want to draw Tear/Natalia for some reason XDD)
Aki: here (Link: "
Izzy: (It's prettyyyy)
Asch: ...*tries slipping out of bed*
Izzy: (thank you XD)
Aki: (yep XD)
Aki: (Japanese VA is better at making him sound in pain)
Izzy: (ahah)
Asch: ... *stumbles a little, before grabbing his tunic and sword*
Tifa: Where are you going--
Aki: (Oh man. He's on the "I failed at completing my duty. I need to train and become stronger" mode)
Izzy: (that's so sad)
Aki: (I dislike her. Her character is all...)
Izzy: (aww)
Aki: (I give her so many chances...)
Aki: (and I really dont like her too much)
Izzy: (I guess it's that I haven't played the game, I don't really know what she's like)
Aki: (I admit she's pretty, but that's all I really like)
Izzy: (Sync is scary)
Izzy: (>.>)
Aki: (I like Sync)
Izzy: (doesn't mean he's not scary XD)
Aki: (ahahah yeah he's...psycho)
Aki: (lol all the Luke and Asch scenes must've been fun to do...they're both on VA XD)
Aki: *one
Izzy: (ahahah)
Izzy: (I was just wondering tho)
Aki: (Chihiro someone )
Izzy: (How long does Asch's body sit there)
Izzy: (before he gets revived >.>)
Aki: (like....a long time XD)
Izzy: (gross XD)
Aki: (an hour or so at LEAST)
Aki: (Asch may not get revived tho)
Izzy: (I know)
Izzy: (but in your fanon)
Aki: (yes XD)
Aki: (but in my fanon, he doesn't get his body either)
Izzy: (ahah)
Aki: (He resides in Luke's consciousness for two years before waking up within Luke and he wants to be his own person again)
Izzy: (that must be awkward XD)
Aki: (so they seperate. So technically Asch is the replica the second time around)
Izzy: (but how come they're stable)
Aki: (Lorelei stabilized them)
Izzy: (oh right)
Aki: (Lorelei has their EXACT fono frequency, which no one else ever should have)
Aki: (so they're in tune with his healing powers. The seventh fonon is healing and sound)
Aki: (:])
Izzy: (:D)
Izzy: (I like their Japanese voices)
Aki: (me too)
Izzy: (though Anise's is really squeaky XD)
Aki: (I like their english too)
Aki: (they did well in both)
Izzy: (yeah)
Asch: ...I'm...going to train.
Tifa: ...get some more rest first.
Tifa: Please.
Asch: I don't have time.
Asch: every esscence of the phrase...I don't have time.
Tifa: ...
Asch: *heads off*
Tifa: You're still going to...*starts after him but then stops*
Cloud: ....he's...grown up.
Izzy: (shiny..)
Aki: (?)
Izzy: (the ending)
Aki: (yes XD
Aki: *)
Izzy: (now what)
Izzy: (>.>)
Aki: (They go to Baticul, Natalia learns that Largo is her father)
Aki: (ummm)
Aki: (they go to Yulia City, then the Absorbtion gate and you fight Largo...)
Aki: (Natalia kills Largo)
Izzy: (but would they follow Luke and co. around, or Asch, or do their own thing?)
Aki: (Asch...would run away, so they'd go with Luke and co)
Aki: (they could go with Asch for a while)
Aki: (Actually)
Aki: (it would be faster and I dont have to worry about actual game plot)
Izzy: (ahahha)
Aki: (because a few days later they meet up with Asch again in the game when he's fighting Sync)
Aki: (so they all join together when Ion died)
Aki: *dies
Aki: (they can go with Asch)
Aki: (he has some stuff to do within the Order)
Aki: (they can see where he grew up)
Izzy: (okay)
Asch: ....*pauses*
Asch: You.
Asch: You may come with me if you Daath.
Izzy: (aww)
Tifa:'s all right?
Aki: (actually we are rediculously close to the end. We could do this whole arc today XDDD)
Izzy: (if you want XD)
Aki: (sure)
Asch: ...absolutely not.
Asch: It's fine with me.
Asch: But, everyone else in the order may try to dispose of you-- so stay close.
Tifa: You don't have to worry about us.
Tifa: *nods*
Asch: That's...good. I...think it would be best if Sephiroth went with Jade. He'd alarm Van right away.
Asch: And that means Zack would go with Sephiroth, am I right?
Tifa: *glances at Cloud*
Cloud: ...It's his choice.
Asch: *nods a bit before going to find Zack and Sephiroth*
Aki: -Asch clears that up with Seph and Zack, and the end up at Daath-
Aki: (it's just easier if I have to deal with Asch and not Seph)
Aki: (that gives you two people, and me the entire Order of Lorelei to deal with XD)
Izzy: (lol)
Izzy: (wish I could help out, but we'd have to wait months before I could XD)
Aki: (yeah )
Aki: (I dont mind. I love this world)
Asch: Commandant! I've come back with my report! *hands the paperwork to Van*
Asch: *made sure Tifa and Cloud didn't come in the room*
Izzy: (ahahah)
Izzy: (it would be kinda fun to freak Van out at some point, but that's okay)
Aki: Van: Good job Asch. Well done-- But, you must stop being reckless!
Aki: (Ahahaha you can if you want, Van's gonna be all)
Izzy: (it's okay)
Izzy: (we've done plenty of that before)
Asch: Suck it up, that's what backstabbing is.
Aki: Van: *reaches out and slaps him across the face*
Aki: Van: I don't appreciate your recent behaviour.
Izzy: (oh Asch. You mince your words as always)
Aki: (XDDD)
Izzy: (Why is it that my favorite characters are always the sarcastic bastards)
Asch: Get used to it, you'll be seeing a lot less loyalty from me as time goes on.
Aki: (because...they are XD)
Aki: Van: You've lost weight. I'm having Dist put you on a new diet. I don't need you withering away.
Asch: *rolls his eyes* It's called lack of fonons. You can't do anything about it. *smirks painfully*
Aki: Van: ...You were trying to die again!
Asch: See ya~ *turns and waves at him and leaves*
Aki: Van: ....I'll lock you up if you pull something like that again!
Asch: Yeah yeah.
Asch: *leaves the room*
Asch: C'mon mum, Dad. We've got a letter to write to Emperor Peony.
Tifa: *nods and follows him*
Izzy: (oh man)
Izzy: (Whenever I run into ZackCloud on DA Zack starts cracking up)
Izzy: (it's very distracting)]
Aki: (XDDD)
Izzy: (he finds it absolutely hilarious)
Izzy: (for some reason it's funnier to him than ZackSeph)
Aki: (That's cuz ZackSeph sort of happened a little XD)
Izzy: (lol)
Izzy: (But then he'll say stuff like "If I did that to Cloud he'd totally flip out")
Aki: (besides, instead of playing gay with Zack, Cloud gets all flustered XD)
Aki: (YES)
Izzy: (exactly XD)
Izzy: (Cloud's problem is physical affection XD)
Asch: Hm...*takes Tifa and Cloud to the dungeon*
Aki: (Ahahah yes)
Izzy: (he can barely handle that let alone have the clarity of mind, or even the will to play along XD)
Izzy: (he sees no point)
Izzy: (even when Leon does it it makes him nervous)
Izzy: (when he's not being serious)
Aki: (ahahaha)
Izzy: (Tifa had to like...teach him how to hug people)
Asch: *goes there when he's upset simply because he spent a lot of time down there*
Izzy: (I mean, Sora helped)
Aki: (Wow)
Aki: (XD)
Izzy: (He's just never had any social training to teach him what to do)
Izzy: (I don't mean she sat him down and said "This is how you hug someone", but first he had to get used to anything more than holding hands, and then he had to get used to it in public XD)
Izzy: (it embarasses him even more if other people are around)
Izzy: (*rambling about Cloud's social anxiety*)
Aki: (ahahaha)
Izzy: (I kind of explored that in the doujin I wrote...Cloud talks about how he "never held anyone close unless he had already lost them"
Izzy: (i.e. Aerith)
Aki: (yeah)
Izzy: (He just never learned that it was okay to hug people and whatever just because you wanted to)
Aki: (aww)
Izzy: (And now he's getting better XD)
Aki: (asch had that issue too)
Aki: (older Asch)
Izzy: (yeah)
Aki: (even little Asch has problems with physical stuff...and that's why guy liked Luke more)
Aki: (because Luke was more hands on...Asch was rather independant...guy like the fact that someone depended on him)
Aki: *liked
Asch: *sighs* Well, this is basically home.
Izzy: (aww)
Tifa: ...*looks around, wincing a little*
Asch: *goes over to his desk and grabs a piece of paper and quickly write a note to Peony* ...we've got...a little time I suppose.
Asch: Is there anything you want to see in Daath...or surrounding areas?
Tifa: If you're short on time...we shouldn't be sightseeing, should we?
Tifa: I don't want to get in your way...
Tifa: We came to see you, but...
Asch: Well...Luke's dealing with....the important stuff right now.
Aki: (oo)
Izzy: (he's being silly)
Aki: lol XD)
Izzy: (there was a comment that was like "I PREFER SEPHZACKCLOUD" and he was like "Samwich anyone? *dies laughing again*")
Aki: (XDDD)
Izzy: (he enjoys this whole business far more than he should)
Izzy: (poor poor Cloud)
Izzy: ("I bet Leon wants a samwich!" And Cloud gave him this horrified look)
Asch: ....Nghh! *kneels over simply because he can feel Luke's sadness through their fonslot link*
Tifa: A--what's wrong? *runs to him*
Izzy: (HEE HEE)
Asch: N-nothing.
Asch: Luke's just sad...
Asch: ...L-largo!
Asch: ....Largo's dead...
Aki: (Largo's another father figure XD)
Tifa: ....*not really understanding, but worried for him*
Asch: We should get to the Absorbtion gate!
Asch: *falls again halfway to the absorbtion gate* ...Van's got Lorelei trapped inside of him...
Aki: (Luke's making the link overwhelming)
Izzy: (aww)
Tifa: Is there something we should do?
Asch: ...I don't know what to do...
Asch: Let's just get to the site--*almost to the site ans Sync attacks them*
Aki: *and
Aki: Sync: ....Stop trying to save Luke! We need you!
Asch: Out of my way, replica! *hits him*
Aki: Sync: Oh? No.
Aki: (*doesnt feel like fighting with herself XD*)
Izzy: (ahahha)
Asch: RENDING SABER! *Hi-Ougis Sync's ass and Luke comes running in, and Sync hightails it out of there*
Asch: Augh! *kneels*
Luke: Asch?! Are you okay! *runs over to him*
Asch: Don't touch me, failure! *pushes him and runs much like Sync does, leaving Tifa and Cloud with Jade and Luke and co*
Luke: *hits the ground* .....
Jade: We should get going...
Aki: Anise: Yeah.
Jade: Tifa, Cloud...let's go.
Izzy: (gah)
Izzy: (I am a horrible person)
Izzy: (how do you type so fast?)
Aki: [They all end up in a huge area where the 7th fonstone is and Ion is reading the end of the Score]
Izzy: (I went to get food >.>)
Aki: (I type fast? XD)
Izzy: (or I'm slow XD)
Aki: (*Shrugs*)
Izzy: (It's also a little hard to decide what to do since I don't know what's going on XD)
Aki: (yeah, I'm narrating until Eldrant)
Aki: (almost there)
Aki: I'll make a paragraph)
Izzy: (kay)
Aki: They all wait for Ion to finish reading it, knowing full well that reading the full fonstone could kill him. Ion collapses near the end of the Score and Luke picks him up. Tear kneels beside him to try and heal him, but Ion takes Tear's hands and absorbs the miasma poinson in her body. Ion saves Tear, but dies soon after wards.
Aki: They see that after Mohs, Van, Sync and Regret fled, they left behind one of the Ion replicas. Anise names him Florian. The go to Daath, giving Florian to the Order to take care of him. They attend a funeral service, and Tear learns the last of the fonic hymns. They go to the Radiation gate and peekaboo, Mohs is there. They fight him and they go to Grand Chokmah.
Izzy: (peekaboo? XD)
Aki: (YES)
Aki: (XD)
Aki: Asch comes in and gets even pissy-er than he usually does. Luke is still calling Van "Master" after everything he's done. Asch suggests they fight to see who Van's real pupil is and tells Luke to meet with him in Eldrant.
Aki: (I just explained like 15 hours worth of gameplay right there. go me XD)
Izzy: (jeez XD)
Aki: Ginji: A-ah! you're here!
Luke: That must mean Asch is here like he said!
Aki: Ginji: ....I couldn't stop him...he's going to get hurt!
Luke: Go back to Sheridan! We'll take care of this!
Aki: Ginji: *nods and runs*
Izzy: (why are they there again? *feels dumb*)
Izzy: (just to duke it out?)
Aki: (yes)
Izzy: (pfft)
Aki: (but it turns out that the rest of the God Generals and Van are there)
Aki: (originally it was just supposed to be Asch)
Aki: (But Van ordered CSync to keep tabs on Asch since he was a traitor)
Aki: *sync
Izzy: (ahh)
Aki: (And Sync told van, and van was like "PERFECT OPPORTUNITY")
Izzy: (>.>)
Aki: -insert fight with Regret and she dies-
Izzy: (when are Cloud and Tifa going to leave?)
Aki: (what do you mean? After Asch dies)
Izzy: (I know, but)
Aki: it goes Regret, Asch, Sync, Van)
Izzy: (well)
Izzy: (i meant, Asch dies and they're just like "that's it, we're going home)
Aki: (whatever you wanna do XD)
Izzy: (well)
Aki: (they'd prolly stay and Lorelei sends them back)
Aki: (gummiship and all)
Izzy: (it all comes down to, it's not their world)
Izzy: (yeah)
Izzy: (but I was just thinking, I don't think they'd fight Van with the others...?)
Aki: (they wouldn't)
Aki: (I dunno. It might fall into place when we do it....)
Izzy: (okay)
Aki: the way it works anyway is...Luke step on a trap door in the floor and falls into the room he fights Asch in)
Izzy: (yeah)
Aki: The rest of the group knew the door was there so they didn't follow)
Aki: (tifa and Cloud would be part of that)
Aki: (group)
Aki: (There's another door leading to the room, so they wouldn't know Asch'd introup till they hear him scream form being stabbed)
Aki: *Asch's introuble
Izzy: (right)
Luke: ...*sighs and keeps walking even thought the group stopped* Where would Asch be...--AHHH! *FALLS*
Aki: *though
Jade: ....brilliant.
Tear: *puts a hand to her head*
Izzy: (Link:
Izzy: (....pfft)
Aki: -Luke and Asch fight-
Aki: (I hate fighting with myself XD)
Aki: (needless to say they cant Hi-ougi because they always ALWAYS hi-ougi together and it freezes the ps2)
Izzy: (lol)
Tear: ....Luke made a plan. Let's stick to it.
Jade: All right. Let's find another way to Van! *Luke's group leaves*
Guy: Tifa, Cloud...stay here in case soldiers come after us okay?
Aki: (Seph and Zack probably stayed in Baticul)
Tifa: *nods* We'll cover you. Don't worry.
Aki: (they need help in Baticul anyway)
Izzy: (yeah)
Izzy: (new party members XD)
Asch: go through replica...I'll stay here and fight the soldiers...*opens the door*
Luke: O-okay! Promise me you'll follow after me when you're done!
Asch: Okay, I promise...!
Asch: Now get out of here!
Luke: *runs*
Aki: (a seventh fonist has to put their hand on a trigger to open a door, but it only stays open as long as the hand is there)
Aki: (so they were also fighting to see who would fight van)
Izzy: (right)
Izzy: (wait, you said there's another door into that room?)
Aki: (from the Soldier's chambers)
Izzy: (or just the way Luke fell through--oh)
Aki: But Asch has to fight to get to that door)
Izzy: (where does everyone else get out?)
Aki: (they arern't in the same room)
Izzy: (ohhh okay)
Izzy: (I get it now)
Izzy: (only the room Luke and Asch are in has to be opened like that)
Izzy: (is what you're saying)
Izzy: (so the others find another way out)
Aki: (right. Theres a hole in the ceiling which Luke fell through. There's the door that leads to Van which a seventh fonist has to open, and the third door that stays open but the soldiers floor through)
Aki: *flood
Aki: Asch has to fight his way to the Soldier door )
Izzy: (okay)
Aki: He's basically trapped)
Izzy: (Link:
Izzy: (salsdkas;lkas;l)
Asch: Auughh! *stabbitteddd*
Izzy: (at least I have a good ref of the back now)
Izzy: Cloud + Tifa: !!
Izzy: (pfft)
Izzy: (wait, so to get to him they have to drop through the ceiling too?)
Izzy: (that's what I meant to ask XD)
Aki: yeah they do)
Izzy: (okay)
Asch: *kills the rest of them, all three sword sticking out of him*
Asch: *stumbles back and pulls the centre sword out of his stomach/chest area*
Tifa: That was--*doesn't hesitate anymore, jumps through the door, Cloud following*
Asch: *collapses against the statue base*
Tifa: *takes in the scene in shock before spotting Asch, and runs to him*
Tifa: Luke--!!
Asch: Ahaha....Had some trouble...huh? *laughs a little light heartedly and coughs*
Asch: I guess...I just have to trust
Tifa: *supports his head with her arm, checking his injuries, trying not to lose it*
Tifa: Don't worry, he'll be fine--
Tifa: The others found a way out. Just worry about yourself.
Asch: He'd better...take good care of you too....
Tifa: ....*getting more anxious as blood is getting all over her hands*
Tifa: D-don't say that, you're going to be fine--
Cloud: *kneels next to her and puts a hand over hers*
Asch: I hope you have...great lives...maybe with a kid of your own... *laughs like he always does when he makes fun of them about needing to be married*
Izzy: (awww)
Asch: *kind of just slips away after that*
Aki: (yep XD)
Izzy: (awwww)
Tifa: *puts her head down and starts crying, holding him close*
Aki: hang on I have to get ready for my tutor.
Izzy: oh okay
Aki: I'll be back at 5 if anything
Izzy: when is that
Izzy: okay
Izzy: I have stuff I should do too
Aki: well, I'll leave
Aki: when he comes
Izzy: okay
Asch: *after a while falls through the floor, Lorelei supporting Tifa and Cloud from falling*
Izzy: (annnd)
Aki: Lorelei: ....You've done admirably as well, Tifa...Cloud.
Aki: (....Lorelei just sorta did that)
Aki: (>>)
Aki: (he probably just sent them all home)
Aki: Lorelei: *sends them all home*
Izzy: (ahahha)
Aki: will you be back around 5 too? XD)
Izzy: (well)
Izzy: (I can be)
Aki: (okay XD)
Izzy: (XD)
Aki: (he's not here yet XDDDD)
Aki: (I hope he doesnt come)
Izzy: (I just had this terrible image of Tifa handing Asch off to Luke)
Izzy: (and being like "Here, you need this")
Izzy: (>.>)
Aki: (that was win)
Izzy: ("have a dead body")
Izzy: (XD)
Aki: (XDDD)
Izzy: (I'm horrible)
Izzy: (but yeah)
Aki: (not really XD)
Izzy: (I guess)
Izzy: --they all appear in front of the castle in Radiant Garden--
Aki: D: the doujin script is over pretty much XDD)
Izzy: (it's kind of like their world's focus poinnt, so)
Izzy: (noo we still have the ending XD)
Izzy: (with them all older)
Izzy: (and the kids)
Aki: (yeah, but almost XD)
Izzy: (I knowww)
Aki: (it makes me SADDD)
Izzy: (we can always do random stuff like the Lion King thing but...)
Izzy: (it's not the same)
Izzy: (D:)
Izzy: (OH WELL)
Aki: YES XD)
Aki: (we can do a personal one)
Izzy: (it would be fun to do something original, but with a plot)
Aki: (yes)
Aki: (wanna do the future thing later today? XD)
Izzy: (if you want XD)
Izzy: (it'll be fun)
Aki: (yeah XD)
Aki: (we can start now if you want. He's not here yet XD)
Izzy: (actually, we'd better wait till 5)
Izzy: (I gtg)
Aki: kk XD
Aki: bye
Izzy: byess)
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