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Dirge of Cerberus arc part 4

Sephiroth: ....*looks at Shelke then to Zack, before turning to go back to Shalua*
Shelke: ...
Sephiroth: ...*looks as if he's about to say something, but just swallows it and returns to the tube*
Shelke: So the report was not mistaken? *eyeing Zack, since he seems to know more about it*
Sephiroth: *sighs* according to how everyone acts around me, it's not mistaken.
Zack: ...right. Fortunately, the rules about staying dead seem to have gotten looser recently.
Shelke: ...I see.
Sephiroth: *leans against the tube just like in the picture, cept he's standing*
Shelke: ....*turns back to Sephiroth* You...knew her?
Sephiroth: ...You could say that. I guess it's what Zack would call 'hanging out and being extremely good friends'.
Shelke: *tilts her head* So she was "someone you care about"?
Sephiroth: ...Right....I guess when we were saying to you about when you care enough about someone. Giving your life is the least you could do? me, she's that someone. *pauses*
Zack: ...
Sephiroth: ...what? *glances at Zack*
Zack: You only met her a few days ago...that's pretty impressive.
Sephiroth: ...*tilts his head slightly, before deciding that he wants to be quiet now* I guess...*sighs, frowning, going back to leaning on the tube*....*pauses* This always happens.
Shelke: ...?
Zack: *frowns*
Sephiroth: My mother, Zack, Angeal, and now 'lua. And, in this world, I have the feeling Lucrecia went through the same kind of pain-- and If I'm right...Then I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do. Perhaps all I can say is 'sorry' to her.
Shelke: ....*takes a few steps away from the computer terminal toward him* Lucrecia Crescent........uh--*puts a hand to her head, flinching*
Sephiroth: *pauses* all right? ...*frowns, worried*
Shelke: *stands there very still for a long moment, then looks up* She...The one she cared about was...taken away...
Sephiroth: *blinks*
Shelke: And then you....her son was...taken away as well...She wasn't injured, but...she was in so much...pain.
Sephiroth: *makes a small choking noise, upset*
Shelke: Why does...caring about someone...cause pain? Why would anyone let themselves hurt like that...
Sephiroth: ...sometimes it can’t be just...don’t choose who you end up caring about. *frowns*
Shelke: Can't be helped? Ah...*turns to look at Shalua again* So then...
Sephiroth: ....*glances Shalua's way again before looking away*
Shelke: Should in pain?
Sephiroth: *frowns, still thinking about Lucrecia* *wing droops considerably, before he sighs, brows knitting down*
Shelke: *looks away* I am not...her sister. I have memories of being her sister...But yet, I.......*quietly* there is too much interference.
Sephiroth: hm?.....*puts a hand to his head, stepping back, wing lifting itself back up*
Shelke: *goes back over to the computer terminal and shuts it off, then leaves*
Zack: ....
Sephiroth: .....*collapses to his hands and knees after a moment, holding his head*
Zack: H-hey!! What is it this time-- *crouches by him*
Sephiroth: *tries pushing Zack away with his wing, though he's not really trying to* ....just...*shakes his head*
Zack: Calm're thinking too hard about all this.
Sephiroth: ...What else am I supposed to do...
Zack: No one's asking you to do anything.
Sephiroth: ....*nods a little bit, obviously still worrying*
Zack: *frowns, not sure exactly what's wrong*
Sephiroth: .....*wing droops again* *picks himself up after a moment, trying to regain his balance*
Zack: Take it easy.
Sephiroth: ...I'm inhuman. I'll be able to stand if I wish to.
Zack: ...! ....what's that about. *reaches out to steady him*
Sephiroth: what do you mean.
Zack: It isn't like you to talk like that.
Sephiroth: ....I'm not sure what I'm supposed to sound like.
Zack: ...What feels right, then?
Sephiroth: ....I'm not sure. ....I'm supposed to be one thing, but I'm not. And because of Hollow Bastion I'm not that either. And I'm not a heartless, on the other hand...
Zack: ....And is there want to be?
Sephiroth: ...well. Free.
Zack: ......Freedom's expensive.
Sephiroth: ....I...know.
Zack: But if you have the will, you'll get there.
Sephiroth: *pauses, looking away*...I guess.
Zack: ...that's not it. If you really want it, you have to believe. Don't be uncertain. Throw everything away for it... You've been given a chance. You don't have to be part of the past anymore. But...that's your choice.
Sephiroth: *nods a little bit*
Zack: feeling any better?
Sephiroth: I suppose.
Zack: ....*still looks concerned*
Sephiroth: ...I'm sorry.
Zack: ...for what?...*sighs* You don't have to apologize to me....actually, it's kind of unsettling. *grins weakly, trying to lighten the situation a bit*
Sephiroth: Hm?
Zack: You. Apologizing.
Sephiroth: I see. Well, I won't apologize.
Zack: *laughs a little* I guess I don't see what you're trying to apologize for. Getting upset over this...situation? That's normal. It's not something to be ashamed of.
Sephiroth: *pauses* I guess not. I don't know, every time I get to making friends, this happens. Ah well.
Zack: ...Life's not pretty, is it? *glances at Shalua* She's strong. Give her some time and she'll make it. Are you willing to wait as long as it takes?
Sephiroth: ....I'd die for her! Of course! *sighs* *tightens his fists, frowning* Let's go help the others. *grabs onto Zack and zoom-flies them outside*
Zack: ! *surprised, laughs*
Sephiroth: *Lands at the Shera after a moment, dropping Zack off*
Sephiroth: *does a bit of a spin, before dropping Zack off*

Shelke: After the assault begins, the headquarters' facilities will no longer be available. And to think, just a few days ago, I was the one who was in there. No, forget I said anything.
Vincent: What are you working on?
Shelke: I'm in the process of modifying this equipment so I can perform an SND--a synaptic net dive.
Vincent: Synaptic net dive?
Shelke: My specialty within the Tsviets. While retaining consciousness, I project an image of myself into a virtual reality called a network. I can also use this ability to negotiate with data on the subconscious planes of sentient life forms. However, this often involves a great risk to my own sanity. For Shinra, the success of the SND project was crucial for their next step in... I'm sorry. I seem to have gotten off-track. Simply put, I'm creating a personal network terminal within the airship's main control console.
Vincent: *backs up slightly*
Shelke: What?
Vincent: Nothing. You just remind me of your sister.
[Scene changes to show Shelke about to put on her VR helmet again; Cait Sith is in the room with her.]
Cait Sith: Alright. Take it away, Shelke!
[She puts it on and lies back in her chair]
Shelke: Very well. Data fragment link... successful. Commencing synaptic net dive in 3, 2, 1 ... "
[She begins the dive. On the bridge, Cid, Vincent, Reeve and Yuffie are exposed to a hologram of the universe]
Cid: What the? Are we in...?
Yuffie: What? What?
[A distinct female voice-over recites Reeve's report]
Girl: Just as we return to the planet when our lifelight has faded, the planet returns to the cosmos when her time has come. Anything that has definite shape will one day cease to exist. The same is true for this world.
[The quartet are exposed to an image of a trio of meteors striking the planet, spreading a wave of fire over it]
[Back on the Shera's bridge; the universal light show has ended, and the female voice-overs are replaced by Shelke voice-overs]
Shelke: Omega is the same type of life form as the Weapons we encountered three years ago. The planet gave birth to these creatures to protect itself just as the planet will ultimately give birth to the final Weapon, Omega, when the end of the world is imminent. In essence, Omega is an elaborate safety mechanism designed solely to maintain and protect the flow of life. Normally, Omega poses no threat to us. It only manifests when the planet has detected something that may cause her danger. "
Reeve: However, Deepground is attempting to awaken the beast early. Thus the kidnappings.
[Brief scene change; Cait Sith puts on the VR helmet, then waves to Shelke. She nods at him. The screen is black, and we hear the screams & cries of many people]
Reeve: By slaughtering thousands of innocent souls, the are creating a pure Lifestream in order to trick the Planet into thinking the end is near.
Cid: Why, those conniving--! I don't know what this Weiß character is tryin' ta do, but he's crazy if he thinks we're gonna let him get away with it.
Reeve: Right. Omega is being revived deep beneath Midgar, in Mako Reactor 0. To increase the output of Reactor 0, all the other reactors have been tied into its mainframe. Our objective is to destory 1-8 and slow the reanimation process. Mission details for each squad will be relayed separately.
Cid: Alright. We've still got some time before the big show. You got anything that needs tendin' to, do it.

Sephiroth: .....*follows Zack*
Aerith: *tugs on Tifa's arm* c'mon~
Tifa: *nods*
Aerith: *runs along*
Leon: *waits for Cloud to lead the way*
Sephiroth: ....*looking around quickly, taking in the sight* ....So. *sighs* *pauses* It looks like we'll have to get in from the ground floor.
Zack: *stretching his back* frontal assault, huh? I guess there's no sneaky way to do this.
Sephiroth: Of course not.
Zack: Oh well. Good exercise.
Sephiroth: *goes after the first bunch of guards after a moment*
Zack: *heads after him a moment later, taking out three with one slice*
Sephiroth: *surveys the inside floor quietly, before looking back at their little army* I'll clear this place out, and then you, you and you *points to three members* stay here and clear out any others that stray in here. Stand guard.
WRO soldiers: Sir!!
Sephiroth: *goes off and does as he planned, clearing the floor out*
Zack: *makes a disapproving noise* Way to leave some for me.
Sephiroth: Would you like the next floor to yourself? *fake sweet smile*
Zack: Why, I'd be honored.
Sephiroth: All right then. *gives a bit of a nod to the three they're leaving behind* You heard Cid-- don't die. *follows after Zack and the other part of the team*
Zack: *reaches the top of the stairs* This one's on me. *kicks in the door, sends a blast of Blizzaga at the Nobodies inside and follows up with his sword*
Sephiroth: aye aye, captain. *watches*
Sephiroth: ...are you done showing off the beautiful lights, now? *grins slightly*
Zack: *shoulders the Buster sword and grins* That was a warm up.
Sephiroth: Oh dear........whoever hits the next door first gets that floor! *looks at Zack*
Zack:'re on!
Sephiroth: *runs for it*
Izzy: *they reach the top after killing lots of things*
Aki: *yep*
Aki: *EXP 3984902389402893049023490203-9490239049023890*
Izzy: (XDDD)
Sephiroth: ...*walks towards the centre core* what do we do...
Zack: ...*looking around* Up there! *points to the mass of cables strung from the core to the outside* A little high up, huh...can you reach that?
Sephiroth: ...*extends his wing and floats up to them* Just cut them?
Zack: ...hang on. *turns back to the remaining WRO soldiers* This is gonna get messy. Go back through and tell the others who were left to stand guard to get out. Contact me when you're clear.
WRO soldier: But what about y--
Zack: *winks* We're made of tougher stuff. Don't worry. When those cables come down this place will be leaking mako. You don't wanna be here.
WRO soldier: *nods and turns to his fellows* Come on!
Sephiroth: *just floats around waiting patiently* You just enjoy flying, don't you?
Zack: *laughs* Always have. Let's get this thing over with.
Sephiroth: *nods, slashing at the cables before swooping down and grabbing hold of Zack* ....reverse-side rollercoaster Sephiroth taking off, buckle in and hold tight. And really, don't scream. Also it's in your best interest to not look down.
Izzy: (............)
Sephiroth: *flies out*
Izzy: (what have you done to him XDDD)
Aki: (ITS ZACK’S FAULT--Zack told him to lighten up and have fun, and he's finally able to *shrug*)
Aki: (except he looks extremely serious while saying this)
Izzy: (XD)
Aki: (XD)
Sephiroth: *makes it out, flying towards the group of soldiers and drops Zack off, landing*...that's going to be 400 gil.

Session Start (Izzy:Aki): Tue Dec 18 14:59:37 2007
Izzy: XD Brainsssssssss
Aki: >D
Sephiroth: *GENESISKISS*
Aki: STOP THAT GO AWAY *PUSHES HIM* D: Izzy, lock your Genesis up pls. And I'll lock Seph up
Izzy: D:
Aki: idk. Shalua thinks it's funny, she's not supporting my opinion
Izzy: XD all our women are so special.
Aki: mean all our women is so special :D
Izzy: what XD
Aki: intentional horrible grammar D: BUT....what did Zack secretly feed Sephiroth? He’s being weird
Izzy: uhm paopu fruit? possibly
Sephiroth: *grabs onto Zack and spinnnsss*
Aki: ........Zack, for your own safety
Zack: Woah!
Aki: stop feeding him paopu
Izzy: XD
Aki: fruits
Zack: Hey, I contribute no fruitiness!
Izzy: liarrrrrrrrrr
Aki: XDDD it is true that Sephiroth is more fruity, but you made him that way, along with his little relationship with Genesis. The creepy one. And Shalua's fine, even though she makes him extremely hyper
Izzy: XD
Sephiroth: ....It was Genesis' idea. That's not my fault. *arms crossed*
Aki: uh-huh
Zack: Sure, blame everything on Genesis. Everyone else does.
Izzy: (he's got his stupid grin on his face XD)
Sephiroth: ...I plan on it.
Aki: (XDD)
Sephiroth: ....*facepalm*
Aki: lol r u thinkin' back on those special days with genesisss?
Sephiroth: *glares* no.
Aki: x] *runs*
Izzy: lol
Aki: so you, you with the fake blonde hair that isn't blonde, currently, rp or no D:
Izzy: yes :D
Aki: :D
Zack: All right! One down.
Sephiroth: *nods a bit* ...I need a new sword.
Aki: (.... thanks Seph)
Zack: *sigh* You broke another one? What are we going to do with you.
Sephiroth: Well, we could find a better sword.
Aki: (unfortunately I think the only one that would work flawlessly is Masamune XDDD but he can’t have it. I don’t wanna draw it either, til I have to)
Zack: (lol)
Izzy: (AHAHAH oops)
Aki: (XD is Zack internally laughing, hm? I bet he is XD)
Izzy: (but yeah)
Izzy: (XD probably. No Masamune till he gets all pissy at Omega)
Sephiroth: *sighs* These ones just don't feel right, I still have to get used to them for whatever reason. Let's go see who else we can help.
Aki: (Leon and Cloud next? )
Izzy: (okay. tho I'm looking forward to SRK)
Aki: (eh?)
Izzy: (Sora Riku and Kairi)
Aki: (OH okay)
Izzy: (silly XD)
Aki: (let’s do them then, I don’t care either way XD)
Sora: mannn, there's so many guards.
Aki: (.....he's doing such a dramatic pose. Hands crossed, hips to one side XD)
WRO soldier: We...can take it from here.
Riku: *glances back, pointing at Sora* Ignore anything he says.
Kairi: *can't help it, smiling a little* This is serious, you two! *holds out her new WRO-issue cellphone* Here's a map of the reactor.
Sora: Soooo...*puts his hands behind his head* We have to just run in.
Kairi: We'll have to make it all the way to the top floor. Right.
Sora: *all ready running towards the opening of the reactor*
Kairi: I'll fall to the back and cover everyone, all right?
Riku: *nods at her and runs after Sora*
Sora: *obviously not being taken seriously until he gets to the next door*
Kairi: *starts casting Protect on the soldiers as they run behind*
Sora: *puffs his cheeks* ....I know this is a mission, but can't they be a little harder?
Riku: *rolls his eyes* We've got ten more floors.
Sora: *already going up to the next floor*....*starts singing*
Riku: *Dark Auras a few before Sora can get to them*
Sora: ....Hey! that's miinnneeee! No one can hit on Riku but meeee! *whines before kicking some other guy's ass* *once the floor is cleared he tackles Riku* *grabs Riku's face and kisses him before running off again* Riiiiiiiiiiiku~ c'mon!
Riku: Can't you focus? *a little embarrassed*
Sora: Uhhh....The answer to the last math question in school is 7,-50! *just figured it out*...*glances at Riku* what'd you say?
Riku: ....*takes a great effort of will not to facepalm* I said, let's keep moving.
Sora: Kay! *drags him off*
Kairi: *shakes her head a little at their antics* All right, we're getting here.
Aki: -there at the core-
Sora: ...uhh how do we get outtttt when it all comes rushing out?
Kairi: Did you forget how we got here in the first place? *holds the hoverboards out* We'll have to break a whole in the ceiling, though. It might be better to get all the soldiers who are guarding the rear out first. *starts using her phone to contact them*
Sora: *imitates elevator music*
Riku: *elbows him*
Kairi: *into the phone* You're all clear? All right. We'll be out in a few minutes. Take care of yourselves. *closes the phone and nods to the other two, then straps her feet into the hoverboard*
Riku: *works a kink out of his shoulder* Shall we?
Sora: *pouts before grinning, cutting the cables*
Kairi: *blasts a hole in the ceiling with Firaga* Watch out for the debris!
Riku: *zips in front of the other two and clears the falling pieces out of the way*
Izzy: (so....why is blowing up Mako Reactors so fun? XD)
Sora: *follows along after him*
Aki: (XD this is the only reason AVALANCHE did it, truely XD)
Izzy: (you know it XD)
Aki: (XDD)
Izzy: (hokay so, that's two)
Aki: (yep)
Izzy: (XD)
Aki: (what now? XD)
Izzy: (uhmmm can we do the scene with Shelke and Nero in the Shera's engine room? we can tweak it so it makes more sense)
Aki: (k, need to get the script XD)
Shelke: *hears the alarms going off and takes off her SND helmet, heading for the bridge*
Cid: @)#$@)#%(^%~!!!! Hey! Engine room! What the hell's goin' on down there!
Shelke: What is wrong?
Cid: Don't have a damn clue. All of a sudden, engine levels began dropping like crazy. We haven't taken any direct hits, so everything should be running like clockwork!
Shelke: I will go have a look.
Cid: thanks, countin' on ya.
Shelke: *blinks, then nods and runs off*
Shelke: *uses her crazy speed to get to the engine room quickly* *glances around* it can't be...
Nero: fancy meeting you here, Shelke.
Shelke: ! *turns around to face him*
Nero: Quite unexpected.
Shelke: Why did you come here, Nero?
Nero: Why? I was short a few souls, and came to collect.
Shelke: What did you do with the crew?
Nero: *laughs* need you ask? Look around. My mission is complete.
Shelke: *glances around* ...oh. *looks down and sighs* *draws her weapons*
Nero: And what do we think we are doing?
Shelke: I....I don't really know. However, since coming here I've realized one thing. I don't want to let down anyone who's counting on me.
Nero: pure nonsense.
Shelke: Nonsense...? Perhaps. *attacks him*
Izzy: (hmm. Scene break. I think he ends up dragging her into the darkness)
Nero: *DOOOODGESSSS before shooting, before he pulls a portal*
Aki: (yeah)
Izzy: (man, Elfe has such a sickeningly Nomura outfit XD it's great, I reallllyyyy want to cosplay her now XD)
Aki: (XDDD)
Aki: (What do you wanna do)
Izzy: (hmm...well, I feel like Leon + Cloud's reactor trip would be...boring, actually XD)
Aki: (me too XD uhmmm)
Izzy: (uhmmmmmmmmmhmhmmhmh)
Aki: (nomnomnom)
Izzy: (XD stupid applesssss)
Aki: (XDDD)
Aki: (Sephiroth: ....What ARE they? I know the obvious, just so you know. >>)
Izzy: (I dunno)
Aki: (maybe some of the fights or something)
Izzy: (hrmrrmrmrmr *has a short attention span because her parents woke her up early this morning* they kept calling me and telling me to do things and I was like "STFU IT'S 9AM LEMME SLEEP")
Aki: (yeah aww)
Izzy: (UHM okay, a little more of the DoC cutscenes...these parts are harder because we're leaving out the Vincent stuff, and doing everything from everyone else's points of view, but I have to watch the Vincent stuff to figure out what everyone else is doing. You know what, I'm going to summarize for now, so don't mind my rambling. I just don't feel like taking notes on a word document. that I think about it...okay, here goes)
Izzy: (Vincent heads for the ShinRa building as the others head for the Reactors)
Aki: (oh btw I meant to say, about the Terra cosplayer, your comment afterward--you're right, he's not Zack)
Izzy: (huh? XD)
Aki: ("(Link:
Izzy: (I mean asalksalasl;ak;la WTF IS THAT NO FAIRRR))")
Aki: (anyway)
Aki: (...)
Izzy: (lol I never get tired of the phone convo in DoC. “Barret! I told you not to shout in my ear!"--okay, my summary XD Vincent heads for the ShinRa building as the others head for the Reactors. They've taken out most of them by the time Vincent reaches the center. They talk to him on the phone and give him a map of the building, he fights Azul. Cloud and Leon have already taken out Rosso. Then Chaos goes nuts and Vincent loses control. Nero shows up, observing him)
Aki: (yeah)
Izzy: (la la la lots of Lucrecia and Hojo flashbacks)
Aki: (lol)
Izzy: (Hojo needs to be shot. >:)
Aki: uh yeah XD)
Aki: (sephiroth: ....*grabs a gun*)
Izzy: (LOL)
Aki: (....XD)
Izzy: (ah here we go. Vincent wakes up and finds Shelke's phone, and proceeds into Deepground)
Izzy: ((Nero dropped it))
Izzy: (I think. whatever)
Aki: (k)
Izzy: (Nero attacks him and pulls him into the darkness. Lucrecia speaks to him through Shelke and helps him escape from it)
Aki: (yuh)
Izzy: (Shelke is still stuck inside her shield materia)
Aki: (right)
Izzy: (Lucrecia was so cute and happy when she wasn't screwed up XD)
Aki: (XDDD)
Izzy: ("OMG CHAOS :DD <33333")
Aki: (XDDD)
Aki: (sephiroth: *still beating the shit out of hojo*)
Aki: (.....)
Izzy: (special)
Aki: (tell HIM that. Hojo, your son didn't form a hatred for women, he formed a hatred for scientists.)
Izzy: (I imagine little Shelke with pigtails)
Aki: (AW)
Izzy: (holy crap Nero is tall. He's taller than Vincent)
Aki: (yuh XD)
Izzy: (LOL okay. Vincent fights Nero and saves Shelke, and Nero tries to attack them and Yuffie interferes, then Nero's all "Brb Nii-san is calling")
Aki: (XDDD)
Izzy: (Yuffie needs to stop falling off of things XD they put Shelke in a Mako tank to heal)
Aki: (mm)
Izzy: (Yuffie goes off to shut down Reactor 0, moreeee flashbacks)
Aki: (pff)
Izzy: (Lucrecia shouldn't wear heels if she can't run in them >.>)
Aki: (o__o)
Izzy: (>.> la la la boss battle with that stupid chopper. Yuffie meets up with him after shutting down the reactor, they see Weiss and Nero shows up. blah blah blah rebirth, Nero flips out when they try to attack Weiss, pulls them into the darkness again)
Aki: (lol are we gonna rp? XD)
Izzy: (Yuffie freaks out...Sorry, we can, I'm just trying to get an idea of what happens next)
Aki: (oh right. yeah)
Izzy: (Vincent rescues Yuffie--btw, Yuffie's speech when she shows up to interrupt Nero is so KH it's amazing. “FEAR MY LIGHT!" ....fight with Nero a second time....)
Aki: (XD)
Izzy: (in his trippy darkness realm)
Aki: (XDD)
Izzy: (that's what it is XD)
Aki: (I bet he secretly wants to throw some skyscrapers)
Izzy: (LOL)
Izzy: (Nero limps off calling for his mommy--I mean brother. Weiss has awakened. I love all the villains' laughs in this game)
Aki: (XDDDD)
Izzy: (they all laugh as they die)
Izzy: (Hojo!Weiss pwns poor Nero)
Aki: (XD)
Aki: (aww)
Izzy: (oh man. He goes on for so long that you wonder why Vincent doesn't just shoot him in the face and tell him to shut up)
Aki: (yeahhhh three words into his speech and I wondered the same'd been so long by then)
Izzy: (XD)
Aki: (three words too many)
Izzy: (lol, then again Weiss' body is technically indestructible, and Vincent probably wanted to know what the hell was going on, ahaha)
Aki: (yeah. so where do we rp to?)
Izzy: (uhm, I need to figure out when Omega awakens)
Aki: (k)
Izzy: (hmm. If Jenova--omg this works. If Jenova is incompatible with the darkness, then Chaos and Omega should be, too, which makes Nero's interference work. yesss omg XD why does this translate so well to KH)
Aki: (because Nomura was probably drunk)
Izzy: (LOL Nomura is always drunk)
Aki: (yeah XD)
Izzy: (kay, then they fight, and Vincent gets his ass kicked, so Lucrecia!Shelke encourages him to take control of Chaos, and then he kicks Hojo!Weiss' ass back :D and Hojo flips out because Omega's power is being drained from Weiss, because Nero is trying to drag him into the darkness to free Weiss from Hojo. awwww Nero and Weiss are strangely adorable XD)
Aki: (yes XD)
Izzy: (then they go back to the Lifestream/Omega together, and Yuffie wakes up)
Aki: (k)
Izzy: (...what I wanna know is, if the reactors got---oh that would do it. Yeah, they disable the reactors, but when the Protomateria falls into Omega, it awakens anyway. And as it does, it fires off its own connections to the other reactors D:)
Aki: (yeah)
Izzy: (Chaos!Vincent tries to attack it but there's a shield blocking him. Shelke wakes up and goes off to try to help by doing an SND)
Aki: (k)
Izzy: (using the souls contained in Omega like a network of data)
Aki: (mm)
Izzy: (she finds Lucrecia, who gives her the Protomateria, I think...Whatever it is, it helps Vincent control Chaos. ahhh sorry this is taking so long >.<)
Aki: (its fine, I just kinda wanna get to Kyran going up to Zack and actually being able to say Daddy)
Izzy: (awwwwwwwwwwwwww okay, just a few more minutes)
Aki: (XDDDD little children motivate us both, huh? XD)
Izzy: (lol)
Aki: (Kyran: *climbs ontop of Zack and pulls on his hair* )
Aki: (he says hi btw)
Izzy: (awww....yeahhh that part. “Give him back! Give my son back!!"--that really freaked Shelke out >.> “Let me see him! Just once!" Jesus. I forgot how much her life sucks)
Aki: ('re hurting Sephiroth's brain btw)
Izzy: (awww)
Aki: (if anything were to make him go nuts again it's Shalua's death and hearing his mother screaming like that)
Izzy: (awww)
Aki: (AW SEPHIROTH. he hugged her D: just so you know XD)
Izzy: (awwwwwwww it's like that pic on DA)
Aki: (huh?)
Izzy: (kinda. there was one someone drew for mothers day I think, and he's sleeping and she's like...hugging him kinda, or something)
Aki: (awww she'd be sucha good mommy thooo)
Izzy: (aww. she needs to figure out how to stop apologizing so much tho, ahahah)
Aki: (Oh, Meru-chan's picture)
Izzy: (yeah that one)
Aki: (i love Meru-chan XD)
Aki: (Sephiroth: ....hey. There's nothing to be sorry for. )
Aki: (seph, its not that easy XD and you know it XDDD since it runs in the family, apparently)
Izzy: (at least she eventually admitted that she made mistakes)
Aki: (yeah)
Izzy: (holy shit wtf Cloud)
Aki: (oo)
Izzy: (well, you know Omega's connections to the Mako Reactors? I don't remember this at all)
Aki: (aaha)
Izzy: (but he totally just cut through one of them. I guess he's kind of immune to Mako exposure by now. lol Cid. Okay, so they have to get rid of the connections a second time. that sucks XD do we work this)
Aki: (unno)
Izzy: (because it's not until after the connections are severed that the shield breaks. And then Vincent goes in...why would Sephiroth make a move?)
Aki: (he IS a little upset-- that's where we can do your mad libs thing. change it a little)
Izzy: (XD mad libs. Well, I guess, when Vincent is struggling with Chaos, and Omega's all "rawr" and everyone would be like "Crap what's taking him so long?" Sephiroth would probably be strong enough to break the shield)
Aki: (right. Wanna do this scene then?)
Izzy: (but he'd be acting recklessly)
Aki: (well yeah)
Izzy: (okay.)
Izzy: -everyone regroups as Omega awakens-
Izzy: (how's that?)
Aki: (k. wait...seph was relatively composed before-- why's he reckless now? XD)
Izzy: (because the world is going to end)
Aki: (remembering things quicker too, probably)
Izzy: (yeah)
Aki: (k. the world has come close to being ended far too much in the past 20 years)
Izzy: (Yuffie would rejoin them first, and the Shelke after Vincent is fixed--ahah poor Gaia)
Yuffie: *comes running back, latching onto Cloud worriedly*
Aki: (lol habit, grab the closest big brother figure)
Reeve: It's a miracle, but thanks to all of you we got all the teams out in one piece. *turns to Yuffie* How's Vincent doing?
Aki: (better, yes, at this point roiiitt? I wasn't really paying too much attention-- I was looking at sephiroth and Lucrecia XD)
Izzy: (oh uh, lemme think. Last time she saw him was when Omega awoke, so, she saw Weiss and Nero "die" and Vincent get pulled into Omega. but he's got Chaos in him, so they shouldn't be too worried about him...)
Yuffie: He should be fine considering the circumstances...
Aki: (Cloud, you're her lifeline right now XDDD)
Izzy: (aww)
Cloud: *frowns up at Omega*
Sephiroth: *acting a little antsy as discussed*
Leon: *watching Cloud before glancing at Omega*
Izzy: *a streak of red light shoots out of Omega's eye and circles it*
Izzy: (Chaos!Vincent XD)
Aki: (>D)
Izzy: *it dives at the shield and is violently repelled*
Tifa: ...! He can't get to it...There's something wrong...he's acting irrationally. Does that mean he's lost control of Chaos again...?
Izzy: *Omega fires connections into the remaining intact reactors*
Izzy: (lol apparently I'm Omega XDDD)
Izzy: (Omega: ...............................)
Aki: (XDDDD Omega's an action based rpg )
Kairi: Ahhh--All that work for nothing? *dismayed*
Izzy: (LOL)
Aki: (*SHOT*)
Aki: (you can order seph whenever you want, cuz I'm not sure when XD)
Izzy: (pff)
Reeve: The shield...we've got to get rid of those connections.
Yuffie: *frowns, shifting to the side*
Cloud: ...I'll go. *steps forward*
Zack: Hey, you're not leaving me behind.
Leon: *blinks, taking a step after Cloud almost unconsciously*
Cloud: It looks like there are six functioning reactors left......*glances back at Leon* Ordinary people...can't handle exposure to large amounts of Mako.
Izzy: (.....he's basically saying "you can't come with me." >.>)
Aki: (yeah XD)
Izzy: (there's no knowing what it would do to Leon anyway >,-)
Leon: *stays where he is anyway, though he nods*
Aki: (right)
Cloud: ....I'll be back soon. *grabs one of the hoverboards and jumps onto it*
Aki: (lol snowboarding all over again XD)
Zack: I'll take numbers 5 and 6! *glances at Sephiroth*
Sephiroth: *follows along, stretching his wing and taking off*
Izzy: (oh, Sephiroth would probably be flipping out because the Shera crashed)
Aki: (oh ok. uh, why)
Izzy: (with Shalua on it)
Aki: (shit)
Izzy: (yeahhh)
Aki: (omfg ow my brain XD)
Izzy: (awww)
Aki: (I was wondering why he was all tense-- apparently unconsciously I knew XD)
Sephiroth: *obviously pretty disoriented and upset*
Aki: (I mean, he wants to help Zack, so he'd probably try to follow them anyway)
Izzy: (yeah)
Zack: *glances back at Sephiroth, who's keeping up with him* Don't do anything reckless.
Aki: (psshh riiiiiiiight )
Sephiroth: *nods slightly*
Izzy: (what, do you think Zack really expects him to listen and obey? XD he just had to say it)
Aki: (yeah)
Zack: *looks up at the approaching Lifestream...cable...thing....and readies the Buster Sword, plowing through it* Think you can take the two far ones? You can fly faster.
Sephiroth: 'course...*spreads his wing out to its full span, pressing down against the air to speed over to the cables slashing at them as well*
Izzy: (Nanaki is fuzzy)
Aki: (lol air currents are quite possibly the most amazing things ever ;; )
Izzy: (>: ahaha)
Aki: (yes yes he is omg I love nanaki)
Izzy: (ahahaha ohhh that makes sense. the reason Vincent disappears at the end for so long is that he goes to visit Lucrecia in person)
Aki: (....yeah XDDD Didn't I point that out before? )
Izzy: (maybe XD but I forgot)
Aki: (ahaha the ending isn't very trippy like his hallucinations)
Izzy: (XDDD)
Sephiroth: *finishes up, heading back to Zack* *falters, before falling slightly*
Aki: (....seph, keep it together >\ )
Zack: Hey! What did I tell you--*flies close to steady him*
Aki: (ahaha even regular flying is reckless, eh? XD)
Sephiroth: ...*sighs, and keeps flying the best he can* Where to now?
Aki: (Wait, was causes Seph's death if there's no real reason for him to attack omega? *forgot*)
Izzy: ...
Izzy: (The Shera crashed, Shalua died. THE WORLD IS ENDING)
Aki: (XDDD oh yeah. *slipped her mind*)
Aki: (I love how bad that sounds out of context.)
Izzy: (pfft)
Aki: (but the second they get back Seph attacks Omega or what?)
Izzy: (uhm hmmm, well, Vincent's having trouble)
Aki: (k)
Izzy: (I mean, it took him long enough to get Chaos under control, you'd think Omega would have started ascending before then. but of course it's a video game XD)
Aki: (XD so when they get back)
Izzy: (yeah)
Aki: (k)
Zack: That's all of them...let's head back.
Cloud: *lands back by the others and stumbles a little, then turns to look*
Aki: (someone'll probably have to make a mistake and mention something, because Seph's trying to stay calmish)
Sephiroth: *lands a bit unevenly beside Zack*
Cloud: ....that should slow it down, right?
Yuffie: ...*clings back onto him* It should.
Aki: ( yuff XD)
Izzy: (I'm surprised he hasn't noticed she's been doing that XD)
Aki: (XD)
Izzy: (I guess he's gotten used to physical contact)
Aki: (oh good. all Leon's and Tifa's hard work paid off)
Izzy: (lol)
Leon: So we just wait...?
Cloud: *frowns* Since Chaos is part of him, Vincent should be able to...
Aerith: Well, he does seem to be having some trouble.... *sighs*
Aki: (someone has to set Seph off tho)
Izzy: (well, maybe the Shera should crash now?
Aki: (sure. wait I thought you said it crashed all ready)
Izzy: (I did, but that's gamewise. We can always change it)
Aki: (that's why Seph was a little nuts during the whole LETS GO BLOW UP THE REACTORS)
Izzy: (hmm. yeah, I know...but)
Aki: ((we could fix it)
Izzy: (yeah...)
Aki: (I think the "world coming to an end" would bother him anyway)
Izzy: (I mean, he could be a little reckless anyway--)
Aki: ((....that is the best mental image I've ever had XD he's running around chibified waving his broken sword around the skys all red and he's all "AHHHHHH WERE GONNA DIEEEEE" I guess you had to be there for it to be funny XD tho)
Izzy: (>.> pfft)
Aki: (anyway, sorry)
Aki: -shera crash y/n?-
Izzy: -AIRBORNE MISSLE HITS IT-- (yeah >.>)
Reeve: *yells anxiously into his phone* Cid! What's your status?
Aki: (I haven't a clue what he'd say >> is he even conscious? )
Izzy: (Cid? oh, sorry. the connection would cut out)
Aki: (yeah)
Izzy: (so he wouldn't be able to say anything)

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