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Izzy: *tacklecling* DX
(19:44:58) Aki : Away from my computer right now
(19:46:15) Aki: omg
(19:46:31) Izzy: they wouldn't leave me aloneeee
(19:46:35) Izzy: but I am finally free
(19:46:38) Izzy: until 9, at least
(19:46:42) Aki: skjdhflsdhfkjsdhf
(19:46:44) Aki: *TACKLESSS*
(19:46:48) Aki: kdfjslkjflksjdfl
(19:46:49) Aki: <333333
(19:47:03) Aki: majour MAJOUR Izzy withdrawls
(19:47:09) Aki: lemme go get my nachos, k?
(19:47:17) Izzy: kay XD
(19:47:29) Aki: you can have some when I come back from the darkness
(19:47:36) Aki: *runs off, Keyblade in the air*
(19:47:37) Izzy: ....
(19:49:15) Aki: *still making nachos*
(19:49:17) Aki: but anyway
(19:49:18) Aki: Sora
(19:49:19) Izzy: hah
(19:49:21) Aki: like
(19:49:26) Aki: wont eat
(19:49:33) Izzy: D:
(19:49:36) Aki: he'll drink stuff but not eat
(19:49:38) Aki: make him eat
(19:49:40) Aki: D:
(19:49:43) Aki: brb nachos
(19:50:18) Izzy: kay
(19:53:09) Aki: back
(19:53:11) Aki: anyway
(19:53:12) Aki: yeah
(19:54:56) Aki: I am back from the nachos, y'know
(19:54:58) Aki: XD
(19:55:01) Izzy: good
(19:55:02) Izzy: XD
(19:55:04) Aki: XD
(19:55:07) Izzy: Cloud...
(19:55:08) Izzy: is
(19:55:16) Izzy: having Leon problems. XD
(19:55:19) Izzy: okay
(19:55:20) Izzy: well
(19:55:20) Aki: ew
(19:55:22) Aki: bad ones?
(19:55:37) Izzy: you know how back in Balamb, Leon was kinda conflicted between Cloud and Rinoa? XDD
(19:55:46) Aki: ....and still sorta is?
(19:55:49) Izzy: yes?
(19:55:54) Aki: yeah
(19:56:10) Izzy: So replace Leon with Cloud, Cloud with Leon and Rinoa with Tifa
(19:56:14) Izzy: and you see the problem. XD
(19:56:26) Izzy: of course, OT4 solves both. *shrugs*
(19:56:28) Aki: wait what?
(19:56:32) Aki: *died*
(19:56:43) Izzy: my brain has bounced back from being sick
(19:56:49) Izzy: and is now getting overly complicated
(19:56:51) Izzy: sorry
(19:56:53) Aki: lemme draw it out...okay?
(19:56:57) Izzy: haha okay
(19:57:05) Aki: *picks up a yellow, blue, purple and red marker*
(19:57:10) Izzy: XD
(19:57:28) Aki: no...really
(19:57:34) Aki: i have to draw that out...
(19:57:58) Izzy: sorry...
(19:58:05) Aki: it's okay
(19:58:09) Aki: I find it amusing that I have to
(19:58:33) Aki: I should who you this pictur eon Sunday XD
(19:58:42) Aki: *show
(19:58:43) Aki: *and
(19:58:45) Izzy: ,3
(19:58:47) Izzy: *<3
(19:58:47) Aki: flksdjflk
(19:58:48) Aki: XD
(19:58:49) Aki: wow
(19:58:50) Aki: anyway
(19:58:52) Aki: yeah
(19:59:59) Aki: I'm still confused
(20:00:14) Izzy: ...
(20:00:16) Izzy: Cloud
(20:00:18) Izzy: is conflicted
(20:00:23) Izzy: between leon and Tifa
(20:00:26) Aki: oh
(20:00:28) Izzy: ahahaha
(20:00:30) Aki: this is special
(20:00:35) Izzy: yeah, it really is...
(20:00:44) Aki: what have I done to you?
(20:00:51) Izzy: which is why I said OT4 solves everything
(20:01:01) Izzy: and I was bound to get corrupted sometime, you know
(20:01:06) Aki: true
(20:01:12) Aki: I'm glad it was this soon tho XDD
(20:01:16) Izzy: now I have to hide it from my normal friends, haha
(20:01:18) Aki: could have been sooner tho
(20:01:18) Izzy: >.>
(20:01:23) Aki: *shot*
(20:01:24) Izzy: ....
(20:01:31) Izzy: I think it's only this pairing, though
(20:01:39) Izzy: just because
(20:01:45) Izzy: we've been working with it so much
(20:01:46) Aki: they can all marry eachother
(20:01:49) Izzy: ahahaha
(20:01:57) Aki: AND THEN NO ONE IS SAD
(20:02:00) Izzy: XD
(20:02:17) Aki: 8D
(20:02:22) Aki: okayso
(20:02:35) Aki: What's Leon supposed to do about it?
(20:02:39) Izzy: I dunno.
(20:02:40) Aki: Suggest a foursome?
(20:02:43) Aki: *shot*
(20:02:44) Izzy: oh god no. XD
(20:02:57) Izzy: I was about to say he's not expected to do anything about it.
(20:03:04) Aki: ahaha
(20:03:06) Aki: fine
(20:03:11) Aki: Cloud and suggest the foursome
(20:03:17) Aki: *dedder*
(20:03:28) Izzy: ...Cloud?
(20:03:32) Aki: of course
(20:03:39) Izzy: since when does Cloud ever suggest ANYTHING?
(20:04:05) Aki: since Leon was thinking about suggesting the foursome himself.
(20:04:15) Aki: *shot*
(20:04:17) Aki: okay
(20:04:19) Aki: you see
(20:04:25) Aki: foursome would make all the fans happy
(20:04:32) Izzy: pfft.
(20:04:34) Izzy: Except.
(20:04:37) Izzy: Oh god.
(20:04:40) Izzy: *dies*
(20:04:42) Aki: they get their LeonCloud, they get their Canon and they get RinoaTifa
(20:04:47) Izzy: ahahaha
(20:04:47) Aki: it works for everyone
(20:04:55) Izzy: catering to the fanboys too, huh
(20:05:01) Aki: uh-huh XD
(20:05:05) Izzy: XDDD
(20:05:19) Izzy: everyone wins except for the CloudAerith fans
(20:05:25) Aki: sure, we all know you'd bring this tipoc up, but trust me to actually consider it
(20:05:26) Izzy: but no one cares about them anyway
(20:05:27) Aki: XD
(20:05:27) Aki: yes
(20:05:31) Izzy: XD I'm so mean
(20:05:37) Aki: XDDD
(20:05:50) Aki: aerith is mama tho
(20:06:04) Izzy: ahaha
(20:06:47) Aki: ...
(20:06:49) Aki: wait
(20:07:10) Aki: since Kadaj and Yazoo and Loz are brothers and Aerith's sons
(20:07:16) Aki: and Aerith is married to Zack
(20:07:25) Aki: and Sephiroth is a big brother to Yazoo and Kadaj and Loz
(20:07:30) Aki: that makes Zack Sephiroth's father
(20:07:35) Izzy: ..........................................
(20:07:38) Izzy: OW
(20:07:39) Aki: *ded*
(20:08:06) Aki: *laughing uncontrollably*
(20:08:46) Aki: This concept...makes me die of laughterrr
(20:09:09) Izzy: so today was...father-son bonding?
(20:09:16) Izzy: I can just...imagine...Zack being like
(20:09:24) Izzy: "Just call me 'Dad'."
(20:09:46) Izzy: and Sephiroth being all "....aren't I older than you?"
(20:09:50) Aki: yeah XDDD
(20:09:53) Izzy: I need to draw that...
(20:10:34) Izzy: .....
(20:10:48) Izzy: okay, cracky thoughts have started to dissapte, somehow.
(20:10:53) Izzy: *dissapate
(20:11:04) Aki: XDD
(20:11:18) Aki: wow
(20:11:21) Aki: okay
(20:11:22) Aki: sorry
(20:11:25) Aki: that thoght
(20:11:27) Aki: *thought
(20:11:30) Aki: didn't need to come out
(20:11:32) Aki: XD
(20:12:20) Izzy: ...
(20:12:27) Izzy: I don't want to know.
(20:12:36) Izzy: I'll just keep telling myself that... XD

(20:12:52) Aki: no, I was referring the Sephiroth thing
(20:13:08) Izzy: oh
(20:13:16) Aki: yeah XD
(20:13:20) Izzy: I kinda considered it before
(20:13:25) Izzy: then pushed it away XD
(20:13:29) Aki: lol
(20:13:37) Izzy: because it made my head hurt worse
(20:13:42) Aki: aww
(20:13:48) Aki: wellllll
(20:13:55) Aki: I can pnder it
(20:14:00) Aki: *ponder
(20:14:02) Aki: because
(20:14:04) Aki: my brain
(20:14:10) Aki: is used to abuse like that XDD
(20:14:11) Izzy: hahaha
(20:14:20) Izzy: I'm afraid, though
(20:14:35) Izzy: that Cloud acting strange might have something
(20:14:43) Izzy: to do with him still recovering...
(20:14:51) Aki: huh?
(20:14:53) Izzy: I mean
(20:14:57) Izzy: ...
(20:15:08) Izzy: okay, I need to sort this out in my own head first XD
(20:15:31) Izzy: yesss
(20:15:37) Izzy: I finally hit 20 favorites
(20:15:46) Izzy: for one of my deviations
(20:15:51) Izzy: that's my highest yet
(20:16:01) Izzy: ...two, actually
(20:16:25) Izzy: my silly changing clothes comic, and the Riku and Xehanort thing
(20:16:34) Aki: "two in mine, actually, and they always manage to ruin special occassions"
(20:16:40) Izzy: ...what
(20:16:41) Izzy: XD
(20:16:43) Izzy: ??
(20:16:51) Izzy: ...TWO!?
(20:16:55) Aki: "Oh, what am I going to do with him?"
(20:17:01) Izzy: oh
(20:17:02) Aki: "He'd make a very handsome throw-rug"
(20:17:11) Aki: "Zazu"
(20:17:27) Aki: "And just think. Whenever he gets dirty, you can take him out and beat him"
(20:17:56) Aki: I watched something with James Earl Jones last night
(20:17:59) Aki: I heard his voice
(20:18:00) Aki: and I was like
(20:18:06) Aki: "...I hear Mufasa"
(20:18:10) Izzy: win
(20:18:24) Izzy: I hear Darth Vader whenever I use a Verizon pay phone
(20:18:29) Izzy: it scares me Xd
(20:18:31) Izzy: *XD
(20:18:33) Aki: xD
(20:18:45) Izzy: ...oh god
(20:18:48) Izzy: and that works, too
(20:18:48) Aki: He did something with Darth vader actually
(20:18:55) Izzy: "Simba...I AM your father."
(20:18:59) Aki: XD
(20:19:06) Izzy: ...
(20:19:11) Izzy: moving on
(20:19:14) Aki: haha
(20:19:22) Izzy: Cloud, you are not well enough to be getting up.
(20:19:22) Aki: Lloyd...
(20:19:26) Izzy: hahaha
(20:19:30) Aki: I am Kratos...I am your father...
(20:19:44) Izzy: "Secretly, I have TWO fathers. ....but they're NOT gay!!"
(20:19:44) Aki: Leon: whoa, whoa...
(20:19:49) Aki: (XDDD)
(20:19:51) Aki: (wow)
(20:19:58) Izzy: (*jumps into parenthesis*)
(20:20:07) Izzy: (You went through my quote blog)
(20:20:18) Izzy: (you must have seen our silly playing ToS quptes)
(20:20:21) Aki: (Uh-huh XD)
(20:20:21) Izzy: *quotes
(20:20:31) Aki: (Colette's a lesbian now)
(20:20:36) Izzy: ("Two worlds...two Chosen...two dads...")
(20:20:38) Izzy: (hahaha)
(20:20:51) Izzy: (That's...a longgg story)
(20:20:55) Izzy: (it comes from)
(20:21:00) Aki: Leon: Cloud, don't get up.
(20:21:04) Aki: (*listens*)
(20:21:09) Izzy: (this part where Sheena stands up and is like)
(20:21:18) Izzy: ("Guys, I have something to tell you.")
(20:21:29) Izzy: (and Emurii blurts out " 'I'm a lesbian!' ")
(20:21:40) Aki: (haha)
(20:21:44) Aki: (yes)
(20:22:00) Izzy: (and then we somehow established that Colette isn't becoming an angel, but a lesbian. >.>)
(20:22:10) Izzy: (because gay people have wings.)
(20:22:12) Aki: (XD)
(20:22:13) Izzy: (yes.)
(20:22:23) Izzy: Cloud: ...I'm fine...
(20:22:37) Aki: Leon: ...
(20:22:55) Izzy: No, you are not, you still have a cold and a sore throat. Now listen to Leon. *goes back into parenthesis*
(20:23:27) Aki: Leon: Please just rest somemore.
(20:23:30) Izzy: Cloud: ....
(20:23:45) Aki: Leon: I know what it's like wanting to get up, regardless of how you feels
(20:23:46) Aki: *feel
(20:23:47) Izzy: Cloud: I've been sleeping for fourteen hours...I need to do something.
(20:23:54) Aki: Leon: *sigh*
(20:24:04) Aki: Leon: Like what?
(20:24:24) Izzy: (Leon should just knock him out. >.>)
(20:24:35) Aki: (Leon might get a little upset)
(20:24:38) Izzy: (...okay, I'm not sure I like this whole new yaoi fangirl me.)
(20:24:53) Aki: (...)
(20:24:58) Izzy: (it gives me thoughts without my permission.)
(20:25:04) Aki: ('ll get used to it)
(20:25:08) Aki: (give it a chance)
(20:25:19) Aki: (that's what I did)
(20:25:49) Izzy: (this is so...terribly...awkward. XD)
(20:26:08) Aki: ( don't have to share your thoughts with me if you don't want to)
(20:26:12) Izzy: (no, no)
(20:26:16) Aki: (just give it a chance XD)
(20:26:17) Izzy: (it's not about that)
(20:26:21) Izzy: (it's about Cloud)
(20:26:26) Izzy: (and the look he's giving me)
(20:26:28) Izzy: (XDDD)
(20:26:33) Aki: (which is? XD)
(20:26:44) Izzy: (because the yaoi fangirl thoughts are kind of out loud.)
(20:26:59) Aki: (exactly)
(20:27:02) Izzy: (and it's...funny, but I kind of feel sorry for him.)
(20:27:13) Aki: (aww well, he'll get used to it too)
(20:27:18) Aki: (Leon got used to it)
(20:27:21) Aki: (sora did too)
(20:27:21) Izzy: (hahaha)
(20:27:27) Aki: (and Reno and Yazoo )
(20:27:31) Izzy: (actually, I feel worse for Tifa)
(20:27:46) Izzy: ('s funny.)
(20:27:47) Aki: (Aerith....found it funny, and Naminé enjoyed herself)
(20:27:55) Izzy: (I don't understand that girl sometimes.)
(20:28:03) Aki: (roxas is already used to it thanks to Axel)
(20:28:07) Izzy: (haha)
(20:28:18) Izzy: (Yeah, Axel doesn't really give a shit.)
(20:28:25) Izzy: (and of course Zack finds it hilarious)
(20:28:30) Aki: (XD)
(20:28:35) Izzy: (Riku kind of ignores me. XD)
(20:28:39) Aki: (aww)
(20:28:42) Aki: (Oh right)
(20:29:13) Izzy: (but yeah, it really is just this pairing.)
(20:29:22) Izzy: (so oh well, I'll deal. *shrug*)
(20:29:35) Izzy: (...I got the urge to go read fanfics though.)
(20:29:40) Izzy: (and it kinda scared me.)
(20:29:49) Aki: (Riku, Sora's bulimic or something now.)
(20:29:52) Aki: (go cheer him up)
(20:29:55) Izzy: (what.)
(20:29:56) Aki: (give him chocolate)
(20:30:02) Izzy: (Riku: WHAT.)
(20:30:02) Aki: (he really doesnt)
(20:30:18) Aki: (he just kinda refuses to eat and has a hard time keeping it down when he DOES eat)
(20:30:26) Izzy: ( he sick?)
(20:30:30) Aki: (no)
(20:30:36) Aki: (not that I'm aware of)
(20:30:44) Izzy: (is it because of Anti-form? >.>)
(20:30:49) Aki: (*shrugs*)
(20:30:57) Izzy: (Riku: *runs off to find him*)
(20:31:25) Aki: (It might be both antiform and the fact that Sora eats a lot...and his body hadn't eaten for 3 months)
(20:31:32) Izzy: (ah.)
(20:31:38) Aki: (I'm not sure)
(20:31:44) Izzy: (yeah...)
(20:31:55) Izzy: ( save me from wanting to read LeonCloud fanfiction.)
(20:32:01) Aki: (oh my god)
(20:32:05) Izzy: (Because I really don't want to.)
(20:32:06) Aki: (some of it's really good)
(20:32:14) Aki: (I could reccoment really good ones)
(20:32:17) Izzy: (I'm afraid of the bad stuff tho. XDD)
(20:32:18) Aki: *reccomend
(20:32:27) Izzy: (The bad stuff scares me so much. XD)
(20:32:39) Aki: spelling is disgusting XD
(20:32:39) Izzy: (......)
(20:32:43) Aki: *()
(20:32:44) Izzy: (it's fine XD)
(20:32:50) Izzy: (but like...)
(20:33:02) Aki: (there's this really cute AU one..)
(20:33:07) Izzy: (I mean...relatively in-character?)
(20:33:23) Aki: (well, as IC as an AU can get)
(20:33:27) Izzy: (hah)
(20:33:42) Aki: (I don't read things that aren't at all somewhat IC tho)
(20:33:42) Izzy: (but it's not ridiculously OC, is it?)
(20:33:45) Izzy: (ah)
(20:33:48) Izzy: (yeah...)
(20:34:07) Aki: ( : Vanilla by SoceressFantasia
(20:34:09) Aki: *()
(20:34:12) Izzy: (OC kinda drives me crazy, unless it's for humorous purposes specifically)
(20:34:22) Izzy: (...*dies*)
(20:34:27) Izzy: (she just)
(20:34:33) Izzy: (did an icon post on LJ)
(20:34:47) Izzy: (and I was looking at her journal and was like "...she writes LeonCloud.")
(20:34:59) Izzy: ("NO I REFUSE TO LOOK. I WON'T GIVE IN." XDD)
(20:35:02) Izzy: (seriously)
(20:35:05) Aki: (SHES SO GOOD)
(20:35:07) Izzy: (this was 15 minutes ago.)
(20:35:15) Izzy: (XDDD)
(20:35:41) Aki: (don't read Pets Chronicle for smut.)
(20:35:46) Izzy: (*adds LeonCloud fanfiction to her list of secret guilty pleasures along with eating a lot of chocolate*)
(20:35:49) Izzy: (no smut.)
(20:36:03) Izzy: (Please no smut.>.< I really can't handle any kind of smut, gay or not)
(20:36:16) Aki: (no, Vanilla is pure fluff and humour)
(20:36:27) Izzy: (Okay...I'll try. XD)
(20:36:31) Izzy: (I guess)
(20:36:38) Izzy: (this is going to kill me. XD)
(20:36:39) Aki: (Yuffie is Cloud's best friend in that fic)
(20:36:42) Izzy: (hahaha)
(20:36:46) Izzy: (wow.)
(20:36:49) Aki: (and...she died.)
(20:36:53) Izzy: (....)
(20:36:55) Aki: (and her ghost is haunting him)
(20:37:01) Izzy: (.......)
(20:37:06) Aki: (and she possessed his body and asked Leon out XD)
(20:37:16) Izzy: (......I can see where this is going. XD)
(20:37:18) Aki: (just read it)
(20:37:20) Aki: (XD)
(20:37:48) Aki: ("No mom, I'm not gay! Leon just let himself into the house! He has the front door key! He drives me to school!"
(20:37:49) Aki: *)
(20:38:01) Izzy: (her Lj
(20:38:07) Izzy: (XDDD wow.)
(20:38:09) Aki: (really? It used to be black)
(20:38:40) Izzy: (haha)
(20:38:47) Izzy: (that's a great colorbar)
(20:38:55) Aki: Sora: *burries under his pillow*
(20:38:57) Izzy: ("Crisis Core is gonna be love")
(20:38:57) Aki: (WHERE?)
(20:39:03) Aki: (pfft)
(20:39:05) Aki: (XD)
(20:39:06) Izzy:
(20:39:51) Izzy: (yeah...let's see.)
(20:39:54) Aki: (....Sora's be is rediculously huge...and he's tiny too XD)
(20:40:12) Izzy: (so far the only slash fics I've read and enjoyed are)
(20:40:15) Izzy: (
(20:40:20) Izzy: (back in middle school)
(20:40:29) Izzy: (it was Gundam Wing, DuoxHeero)
(20:40:35) Aki: (shusshhhh)
(20:40:38) Aki: (read Vanilla)
(20:40:38) Izzy: (so this will be a new record, hahaha)
(20:40:40) Izzy: (we'll see)
(20:40:41) Aki: (it make sme laugh)
(20:40:50) Aki: (*makes me)
(20:41:35) Izzy: ("Use Leon as a pillow? No frigging way.")
(20:41:44) Izzy: (at least she knows how to write descriptions. XD)
(20:41:47) Aki: (*snicker*)
(20:41:58) Aki: (start from the beginning..)
(20:42:06) Izzy: (I am.)
(20:42:09) Izzy: (promise.)
(20:42:10) Aki: (oh okay)
(20:42:19) Izzy: (D)
(20:42:21) Izzy: *XD
(20:42:25) Izzy: ("As much as I would love to lay claim to Cloud, I’m kinda scared of Leon’s gunblade.")
(20:42:30) Aki: (XDD)
(20:42:31) Izzy: (That's one way to put it.)
(20:42:36) Izzy: (though I suppose for me)
(20:42:37) Aki: (*laughs*)
(20:42:40) Izzy: (it's the opposite)
(20:42:45) Izzy: (hahaha)
(20:42:59) Izzy: (and...I don't want Angelo to bite me, either)
(20:43:04) Aki: (XDDD)
(20:43:36) Izzy: (But all six parts of Leviathyn Blade stuck through you=not fun.)
(20:43:45) Izzy: (Sephiroth learned that the hard way.)
(20:43:49) Aki: (DX)
(20:43:53) Izzy: (...I'm stalling, aren't I.)
(20:43:53) Aki: (he forgot XD)
(20:43:57) Aki: (and yeah)
(20:43:58) Izzy: (hahaha)
(20:44:00) Aki: (READ)
(20:44:07) Izzy: (OKAY READING XD)
(20:44:30) Aki: Sora: *digs deeper under the covers*
(20:44:38) Aki: (....this better not be depression)
(20:44:42) Aki: (....)
(20:44:49) Aki: (Riku, slap Sora. Now.)
(20:45:03) Izzy: (....yes, that's Yuffie.)
(20:45:19) Izzy: Riku: ...*gets tired of knocking of the door and opens it*
(20:46:18) Aki: Sora: *flips onto his stomach and pulls the pillow tighter over his head*
(20:46:35) Izzy: Riku: ....
(20:46:48) Izzy: Riku: Good thing Leon has a master key...
(20:47:14) Izzy: Riku: *walks over and looks down at Sora*
(20:47:17) Aki: (haha)
(20:47:25) Izzy: Riku: You're making Kairi worry again.
(20:47:29) Aki: (of course, what kind of Inn keeper would Leon be if he didn't have one ? XD)
(20:47:31) Izzy: Riku: And me too, for that matter.
(20:47:35) Izzy: (hahaha)
(20:48:01) Aki: Sora: Sorry.
(20:48:43) Izzy: (at least Yuffie is in-character> XD)
(20:48:46) Izzy: *.
(20:48:48) Aki: (XD)
(20:49:05) Izzy: (then again)
(20:49:12) Aki: (Cloud blushes a lot, but that's only because Leon's over protective)
(20:49:13) Izzy: (Yuffie is probably NEVER OC)
(20:49:30) Aki: (and...that would make Leon IC)
(20:49:34) Izzy: (haha, yes it would)
(20:50:24) Aki: Sora: You don't have to worry about me. *grumbles*
(20:50:44) Izzy: (Wouldn't it be like...."batting for his own team"?)
(20:50:46) Izzy: (I mean)
(20:50:52) Izzy: (that expression always confused me)
(20:50:57) Izzy: (Batting for the other team)
(20:51:00) Izzy: (like)
(20:51:09) Izzy: (if you're the same gender...)
(20:51:11) Izzy: (..........)
(20:51:16) Izzy: (I'm thinking too much.)
(20:51:20) Aki: (haha)
(20:51:40) Izzy: (Okay, Leon is gay in this fic. I got it. Moving on.)
(20:51:50) Aki: (XDD)
(20:52:18) Aki: (...Had the balamb part not existed, our Leon would be gay too)
(20:52:23) Izzy: (hahaha)
(20:52:23) Aki: (Our Sephiroth is gay as well)
(20:52:42) Izzy: (He's and British, though.)
(20:52:48) Aki: (XDD)
(20:52:56) Izzy: (...okay, that probably made absolutely no sense to you.)
(20:53:22) Izzy: (he just...for some reason...reminds me of this character from Sandman)
(20:53:47) Izzy: (who invites this girl into his house to meet someone)
(20:54:01) Izzy: (and she's like "You're not some kind of pervert, are you?")
(20:54:29) Izzy: (And he's like "I am the very best kind of pervert. I am one of the stately old homos of England.")
(20:54:38) Izzy: (...yes. Like that.)
(20:54:44) Aki: (XD)
(20:55:11) Izzy: (....I really did get screwed over by that fever. XD)
(20:55:44) Aki: (pff)
(20:55:47) Aki: (XD)
(20:56:06) Aki: Sora: ....
(20:56:21) Izzy: Riku: I don't have to?
(20:56:33) Izzy: (this is what happens when I try to do three things at once XD)
(20:56:40) Aki: (XDD)
(20:56:47) Izzy: Riku: That's really too bad, isn't it...
(20:56:53) Izzy: Riku: Because I do anyway.
(20:57:45) Aki: Sora: *roles back onto his back and pulls the pillow off his face* Well, you can do what you want.
(20:58:30) Izzy: Riku: You're right in that.
(20:59:02) Izzy: Riku: For instance, I could sit on you until you ate something, if I wanted to...
(20:59:06) Aki: (this icon... "Equipped Accessory: SORA. A keyblade master strap at the back. Increases wearer's immunity to EMO")
(20:59:18) Izzy: (
(21:00:03) Aki: Sora: ....You could. But it still wouldn't work, I'm pretty sure.
(21:00:38) Izzy: Riku: ....
(21:00:51) Izzy: (sorry if my internet cops out on me)

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